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Rat-A-2-E is the magazine of the Midlands Rat Club.

New Shelf, Rat-A-2-E September/October 2009

New Shelf - September/October 2009

Curtains, Rat-A-2-E June/July 2009

jamjar - July/August 2009

Jam Jar, Rat-A-2-E May/June 2009

jamjar - May/June 2009

PING! Rat-A-2-E Mar/Apr 2009

ping - Mar/Apr 2009

Fat Rat Washing, Rat-A-2-E Jan/Feb 2009

washing - Jan/Feb 2009

Xmas Pud, Rat-A-2-E Nov/Dec 2008

xmaspud - December 2008

Sock Demon

Sock Demon



Ratty Corner is the home of Brandywine Stud, NFRS Registration 2011-04

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