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Pet Rat Lifespan Survey 2010 - present


A survey of the lifespan of pet rats; that is, Rattus norvegicus, The Norway rat, fancy rat, or brown rat.

The aim of this survey is to gain a greater understanding of the factors affecting the lifespan our pet rats and to give a picture of their current life expectancy.

The plan is to keep the survey running, compiling results as they come in. Data will be added to this Excel spreadsheet for analysis, and some results will also be displayed on the results page. The raw data is also held in a text file which should be openable by most spreadsheet programs. This is done manually, so entries will not be displayed immediately upon input to the form but will await the next update by myself.

The more data I collect, the more accurate the results! You can join in by completing the survey. Don't worry if you can't answer all of the questions; it's not an exam, but it is important that you know either the date of birth and date of death or the actual lifespan of your rat because the lifespan is the whole point of the survey.

Important: All data except your name and email address will be published online. If you don't want a piece of information to be shared, don't add it to the survey.

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