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Visitors and Fosters

Tomato Tomato March 2012
Bubble, Squeak, Spark and Flash July to October 2010
Lily Brandywine Lily Mink April 2010
Milky, Thimo, Steward and Prince July 2009
James, Milky, Dot, Thimo, Steward December 2008
Huey and Luey PEW Rex and Blue Rex September 2008
Tinga and Tucka PEW and Mink Hooded July 2008
Hoover Hoover Agouti Fostered 2/3/08, rehomed 22/3/08
Dyson Dyson Agouti Fostered 2/3/08, rehomed 22/3/08
Salt and Pepper Black Roans 2004

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