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Who am I?

A question I frequently ask myself...

My name's Annette. I've been keeping rats since 2001, when we got three as pets for my children. I'm a member of the National Fancy Rat Society, with whom I have registered my rattery name of Brandywine and subsequently earned my stud name. I'm also a member of the Midlands Rat Club, and was on the committee of the MRC from 2002 to 2009, serving as membership secretary and treasurer. I have now escaped from the committee but still maintain the website. More recently I've joined the North of England Rat Society, mostly because I like their magazine. I pop up on several rat forums (fora?) under the name Rattycorner. For a while I ran a ratabilia shop online and at MRC shows, but now I have a 'proper' job instead.

My rats are my pets more than anything else, though I do enter shows on occasion. I had thought that once I began to show my own-bred rats I would find more of a competitive streak inside me somewhere, but it doesn't seem to be emerging.

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