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Brandywine Rambling Rose x Halcyon Quigley

Rambling Rose Quigley

Halcyon Quigley (Russian Blue Rex: a/a R/r Re/re rb/rb)
Brandywine Rambling Rose (Mink: a/a m/m Rb/rb)

Mated: 5th March 2013
Due: 28th March 2013
Born: 27th March 2013

Rambling Rose (Bramble) is from an outcross line with Kropotkin minks and pearls. She's one of three girls that were pet homed but then returned three months later. They are in lovely condition and are practically identical to three sisters that stayed here, so much so that I've really struggled to decide who to breed from, but Bramble is the one who loves cuddles most. These litters are showing excellent health and lifespan so far, so I want to keep them going for now.

Quigley is from Halcyon Stud and will bring rex into my rats. He has a lovely Russian rex coat with gently curled whiskers. He will also carry red eye dilute and possibly siamese, which won't show up in this generation but which I hope to lose before we breed down too far. We'll see. Hah!

Expected Varieties: As Bramble is Mink and Quigley is Russian Blue, I'm expecting blacks in rex and smooth coated. There's a chance that Bramble carries Russian Blue too, so we might have some blues. As far as I know, Quigley is not likely to carry mink.

Now that we're not going to have any more kittens from Olympia, I'm planning to keep two rex kittens of each sex from this litter.

Actual Varieties:
2 x black rex bucks
1 x russian blue rex buck
3 x russian blue smooth coated bucks
1 x black rex doe
1 x black smooth coated doe
2 x russian blue rex does
2 x russian blue smooth coated does.

Number of Kittens: 12 kittens - 6 bucks, 6 does

Litter Family Tree

Caledonian Bloo
Black Eyed Blue Point Siamese
Caledonian Lilly
Halcyon Fogle
Topaz Rex
Halcyon Hotel
Kropotkin Mozilla
Kropotkin Octavia
Kropotkin Gabriel
Brandywine Coral
Caledonian Calmac
Russian Blue
+ Halcyon Wishing Well
Buff Rex
Kropotkin Hector
+ Brandywine Marmion
Halcyon Quigley
Russian Blue Rex
+ Brandywine Rambling Rose

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Tuesday 12th February 2013

Bramble and her cagemate Phoenix were both in season and mated up, Bramble to Halcyon Quinn and Phoenix to Lovecraft Norwich.

Tuesday 5th March 2013

As with Phoenix, Bramble has come into season again. She's now been mated with Quigley, who is an equally good buck but with different strengths to his brother Quinn.

Monday 18th March 2013

Bramble has not put on any weight, and I'm assuming that she's not pregnant.

Friday 22nd March 2013

I've been looking at Bramble for the past week or so and thinking "She looks like she might be", and then weighing her and thinking "No, I'm imagining it". But she's now suddenly gained a bump and 20 grams and looks very much the expectant mum.

Which is all very well, but I've mated up two more rats now!

Saturday 23rd March 2013

Bramble, 18 days pregnant (Click for larger photo)

Wednesday 27th March 2013 - birth day

Bramble had her litter today, one day early. I haven't checked how many babies we have yet, but mum looks content and is feeding the babies.

Thursday 28th March 2013 - 1 day old

There are 12 babies, 6 girls and 6 boys with an even split of rex and smooth coat. She's nailed the stats!

To explain, baby rats have tiny whiskers when they're born, so you can tell whether or not they're rex or not by whether there are tiny straight whiskers or fuzzy whiskers. With the sexing, you're looking under the tail at the spacing between the holes - boys have a bigger gap. It will be easier to tell at 10 days because the girls' nipples become visible, whereas unlike humans the boys don't have nipples at all.

Their eyes are sealed tight and won't open for around two weeks, while their ears are folded forwards and sealed shut.

Bramble's babies

Friday 29th March 2013 - 2 days old

Bramble's babies

Saturday 30th March 2013 - 3 days old

We may have a mixture of black and blue. :-)

Bramble's babies

Sunday 31st March 2013 - 4 days old

The kittens' ears are starting to unfold and lie flat against their heads, but the hole in the middle won't be open for a few days.

The colours are showing up more now. There are two black rex bucks, one black rex doe, one black smooth coated doe, one blue rex buck, two blue rex does, three blue smooth coated bucks and two blue smooth coated does. A really lovely mix.

Bramble has made the most beautiful nest, with the babies being toasty warm in a cosy chamber in the middle.

Bramble's nest Bramble's babies

Monday 1st April 2013 - 5 days old

The kittens all have lovely shiny tails, as if they've been shaped from modelling clay, smooth and perfect. They nestle into a close pile if you put them down, all trying to be in the middle where it's warm and safe.

A handful of babies Baby pile

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 - 6 days old

The two colours look very different now. You can easily see the difference between the rexy whiskers and the straight, and their little claws are growing. The babies feel like warm suede to the touch.

Whiskers and nails Baby pile

Wednesday 3rd April 2013 - 7 days old

The babies' ears are a little less flat to the head today, and they're getting very active. It won't be long before they're bumbling around the cage. I left them safely between the layers of the photo blankie for a while today while I cleaned their cage for the first time. I left the nest intact as Bramble has been keeping that nice and clean by moving any soiled bits to the outside.

The babies have been coming out every morning now for a photograph, so we're getting nicely into a routine where Bramble goes into her cage group for breakfast while I handle and photograph the babies, and then she comes out for freerange with her group in the evening either until she asks to go home, or until I call them all back for teatime. Once the babies are mobile and have their eyes open they'll come out for a play in the evening as well, before Bramble's friends are let out.

Wriggly pile

Thursday 4th April 2013 - 8 days old

The two fur types are just beginning to feel different to the touch, and the developing grippy foot pads are very obvious on this little one.

Oops Baby pile

Bramble had some boiled egg as her extra treat today. She's having small portions of high carb/high protein extras to give her the nutrition boost she needs while she's feeding the babies, such as milky porridge, egg food, Vitalin muesli and couscous.

Friday 5th April 2013 - 9 days old

The colours are intensifying and the coat types are more obvious now. One of the black rex boys has a perfect set of white socks and gloves, but the rest of them seem to be fully self in both senses of the word, that is, the same colour all over as well as non-agouti. Their whiskers have grown all of a sudden, and the rexes have wonderfully wavy whiskers. Some of the babies have slightly flaky skin, but that won't last long.

Growing fast

Saturday 6th April 2013 - 10 days old

I took individual photos of all the babies today and wrote down their weights and everything, and then got into a total pickle matching photos to notes. So I can only identify the black babies individually. Sigh. All the babies were either 21 or 22 grams, so a very nice even litter with no hint of a runt.

10 days Group photo

10 days Bramble

10 days Black rex boy

10 days Black rex boy with socks

10 days Black rex girl

10 days Black smooth girl

10 days 10 days 10 days Blue rexes

10 days 10 days 10 days10 days10 days Blue smooth coated

Sunday 7th April 2013 - 11 days old

There are two different shades of blue going on in there. We think it may be down to whether or not they carry the red eye dilute gene that Quigley got from his dad.

Two shades of blue 11 days

Monday 8th April 2013 - 12 days old

The babies are getting more mobile and it won't be long before they don't want to stay in a neat pile. Their ears look almost ready to open up, but their eyes may be a couple more days yet.

12 days

Tuesday 9th April 2013 - 13 days old

Some of the babies will have proper standing up ears by this evening - the holes are opening, and once that happens they pop into shape.

13 days

Wednesday 10th April 2013 - 14 days old

Happy two week birthday! Some of the babies have eyes just opening, some have ears just standing up, but not necessarily the same ones. The rexy fur is looking lovely and crinkly. I wonder if the rexes will have a bald week at their first moult, or whether they'll just go a bit patchy?

14 days Peepers Peepers

Thursday 11th April 2013 - 15 days old

Lots of peepers now.

15 days old

Friday 12th April 2013 - 16 days old

Individual photos today! Keepers aren't finalised, but this is what we're thinking at the moment.

16 days old Group photo

Black rex doe - keeper

Black doe - Donna's

Russian blue rex does - Donna's and keeper

Russian blue does - Emma's and Sarah's

Russian blue bucks - Kelly's and 2 for Jason

Black rex bucks, one without and one with white feet - keeper and Kelly's

Russian blue rex buck - keeper

Saturday 13th April 2013 - 17days old

Almost had a heart attack after taking the photos. I counted the babies back home and there was one missing. A very long couple of minutes later I found her in the folds of the photo set.

In the pouch 17 days old

Saturday 14th April 2013 - 18days old

No peace for Brams now!

18 days 18 days old 18 days old 18 days old 18 days old

Monday 15th April 2013 - 19 days old

19 days old 19 days old

Tuesday 16th April 2013 - 20 days old

20 days old

Wednesday 17th April 2013 - 21 days old

Three weeks old today and they're getting so grown up, although they're still feeding from mum every two or three hours.

21 days old Waiting for the cage to be cleaned

21 days old "Somebody's messed up our bed!"

21 days old "Ooh look, the door's open."

21 days old Using the water bottle

21 days old Eating the big food

Thursday 18th April 2013 - 22 days old

Proper little rats now. Or maybe tribbles?

22 days old

Friday 19th April 2013 - 23 days old

Little hands xxx

23 days old

Saturday 20th April 2013 - 24 days old

24 days old 24 days old

Sunday 21st April 2013 - 25 days old

Bramble and her litter moved into the bottom of an Explorer cage yesterday and are enjoying the extra space.

25 days old 25 days old 25 days old 25 days old

Monday 22nd April 2013 - 26 days old

26 days old

26 days old Gloves - black doe

26 days old Russian blue buck 1

26 days old Upsadaisy - black rex doe

26 days old Poodle - Russian blue rex doe

26 days old Russian blue doe 1

26 days old Black rex buck

26 days old Russian blue buck 2

26 days old Ulysses - Russian blue rex buck

26 days old Russian blue buck

26 days old Unanimous Boots - Black rex buck

26 days old Urchin - Russian blue rex doe

26 days old Russian blue doe

Tuesday 23rd April 2013 - 27 days old

I almost forgot to take a photo today, so had to go back and take a quick snapshot.

27 days old

Wednesday 24th April 2013 - 28 days old

28 days old

Thursday 25th April 2013 - 29 days old

29 days old 29 days old

Friday 26th April 2013 - 30 days old

30 days old

30 days old Next to a 20 day old baby

Saturday 27th April 2013 - 31 days old

I didn't have an opportunity to take photos today.

Sunday 28th April 2013 - 32 days old

32 days old 32 days old 32 days old

Monday 29th April 2013 - 33 days old

Both litters

33 days old 33 days old 33 days old

33 days old Bramble's boys move out of the nursery.

Tuesday 30th April 2013 - 34 days old

34 days old 34 days old 34 days old 34 days old 34 days old 34 days old

Thursday 2nd May 2013 - 36 days old

Friday 3rd May 2013 - 37 days old

37 days old 37 days old 37 days old 37 days old

Sunday 5th May 2013 - 39 days old

39 days old Kelly's Dittany

39 days old Kelly's Cubit or Jason's Russian Blue boy 1

39 days old Kelly's Cubit or Jason's Russian Blue boy 2

39 days old 39 days old Donna's Gloves

39 days old 39 days old Donna's Poodle

39 days old Emma's or Sarah's Russian Blue girl 1

39 days old Emma's or Sarah's Russian Blue girl 2

39 days old Upsadaisy

39 days old Urchin

39 days old Unanimous Boots

39 days old Ulysses

39 days old Underhill

Friday 10th May 2013 - 44 days old

Baby boys from both litters

Baby girls from both litters

Saturday 11th May 2013 - 45 days old

45 days old Was my Underhill, now Jason's or Kelly's rb buck

45 days old Jason's or Kelly's Russian blue buck 1

45 days old Kelly's Dittany

45 days old My Ulysses

45 days old Jason's or Kelly's Russian blue buck 2

45 days old My Unanimous Boots

45 days old Emma's or Sarah's Russian blue doe 1

45 days old Emma's or Sarah's Russian blue doe 2

45 days old My Upsadaisy

45 days old Donna's Gloves

45 days old Was my Urchin, now my Umami

45 days old Donna's Poodle

Thursday 16th May 2013 - 50 days old

Friday 18th May 2013 - 51 days old

Saturday 18th May 2013 - 52 days old

52 days old Kelly's Cubit

52 days old Jason's Bert (1 spot)

52 days old Kelly's Dittany

52 days old My Ulysses

52 days old Jason's Ernie (2 spot)

52 days old My Unanimous Boots

52 days old Sarah's Maisy (1 spot)

52 days old Emma's Russian blue doe (2 spot)

52 days old My Upsadaisy

52 days old Donna's Gloves and Poodle

52 days old My Umami

Four of the babies went off to their new homes this afternoon. Have a good life, Gloves and Poodle, and Cubit and Dittany. xx

Wednesday 22nd May 2013 - 56 days old

Bert and Ernie went off to their new home this evening, together with Elmo and Cookie from Ruby's litter. Goodbye little ones, have a good life. xx

Saturday 25th May 2013 - 59 days old

Maisy left today with Penelope Pickle from Ruby's litter. Goodbye sweetie, have a good life.

Unanimous Boots and Ulysses, together with Vector and Vortex from the other litter, met their uncles Oakley and Paddington today. All is good so far.

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