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Effra x Ravensbourne

Effra Ravensbourne

Brandywine Ravensbourne (Agouti Essex: A/a D/- Hro/H M/m Rb/-)
Brandywine Effra (Agouti: A/a D/d H/H m/m Rb/rb)

Mated: 7th April 2010
Born: 30th April 2010

This is an additional litter to my plans as I realised I was in danger of losing the Essex markings.

Effra is a pretty doe from my third litter, she's exceptionally friendly and loving and has already given me a beautiful litter back in December.

Ravensbourne is a lovely steady buck also from my third litter, who reminds me very strongly of his father Sherbourne. This is a strong inbreed to pass down the temperament of their parents while giving me a wide base to select from.

Expected Varieties: Mating Rafe to Effie should give me mostly agouti and some black in Essex and unmarked, with the strong probability of blue and mink mixtures too to confuse matters. I think I've already lost the show quality Essex markings, but we'll see. I'm wishing hard for a nice agouti, black or Russian blue of each sex and a nicely marked Essex of each sex to keep.

Actual Varieties: Black Essex, 2 x Agouti Essex, Russian Blue Agouti Essex, Cinnamon, Agouti, British Blue Agouti Essex, Russian Dove.

Number of Kittens: Nine live babies were born, but one baby died the next day. Four bucks and four does survived.

Keepers: Ashburn, Torridge, Culvery, Otter, Dart, Tamar.

Homed: Russian dove doe, British blue agouti Essex doe.


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