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Grace x Sherbourne

Grace Sherbourne

Brandywine Sherbourne (Agouti Essex: A/a D/- Hro/H M/m Rb/rb)
Kropotkin Grace (Mink: a/a m/m)

Born: 1st June 2009

Sherbourne is a lovely buck from my first litter, with slightly wonky blazed Essex markings. He is a really friendly and bright boy with the best type of the three brothers I kept, though all three have lovely, steady temperaments. I've loved the feel of him ever since he was a kitten. He just feels like quality.

Grace is a lovely, affectionate, people oriented girl who is afraid of nothing. A pretty little doe. Grace comes from a long-established line of minks and pearls so should not surprise me with unexpected recessive colours. Her character and attitude to life reminds me very much indeed of a rescue doe called Thisbe who first awoke my desire to breed rats.

Expected Varieties: Mating Sherbourne to Grace should give me equal chances of black, agouti, mink and cinnamon in Essex and unmarked. Grace and Sherbourne are very similar rats, both friendly, outgoing, calm and unafraid. I'm hoping for kittens with a similar temperament, but as these two rats are unrelated there may be surprises.

Actual Varieties: Agouti Essex, cinnamon Essex, mink Essex, 2 x cinnamon, agouti and black.

Number of Kittens: 3 does and 4 bucks

Keepers: Because there are only seven babies, and in light of the SDAV infection which is still causing problems in the fancy right now, and also because I have no self control worth mentioning, all of this litter will stay at Ratty Corner.

The babies have been named after rivers of London, as their mum Grace came from a London based breeder. The boys are now named Thames, Brent, Ravensbourne and Tyburn and the girls are Moselle, Wandle and Effra.


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