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Blythe's Litter, Updates

8th March 2009

Two girls and three boys have gone off to lovely new homes. The other two girls who were meant to go are now called Kala and Janhi and are staying with Blythe and their sisters. The five remaining boys have moved in with their dad Barnaby and Uncle Bramwell after one of the smoothest introductions I've ever seen, so Blythe and her daughters can move into the cage the young boys were in. All is happy in the ratty world.

9th March 2009

Spoke too soon. Brammy started getting stroppy with the baby boys, so they've all moved into a bare neutral cage. All fine in there. Clever how a bit of overcrowding and lack of things to fight over switches off the aggression. I'll give them a couple of days and then move them back home again. Grotbags!

May 2009

All of the babies who stayed here are doing really well, with no health problems at all. Meri, Tornion and Simo are living happily with their dad, Barnaby, and their uncle Bramwell. Meri in particular is growing very large and is almost adult sized now, making it easier to tell him apart from Simo, his identical brother. The four girls are still living with their mum, Blythe. Blythe was bitten on the neck by Luey while the babies were still in the nest, which gave her a head tilt due to nerve damage. This is almost unnoticeable now, and when the babies were 11 weeks they and Blythe were reintroduced to Luey and his cagemates, who include Blythe's sisters. This means that they can all come out together for playtime. It makes it very amusing when it's time for them all to go home and have their dinner, as each group of rats has to steal some food from the other group's cage before heading back home.

Kirk and Spock come back regularly to visit, as they're living with my eldest at uni. They are growing into lovely, soppy lads.

Lister, Scratty and Luigi are getting on well and being spoilt by their young owners. Lister has had the sneezes, but has had a course of antibiotics and is fine in himself.

Aisla Robertha and Nancy Peanut are enjoying life, also with a young family, and have bonded well with the children and their mum. They have the run of the room much of the time and "...when I go in they come to me like little dogs, it's really funny."

August 2009

I've received these lovely photos of Luigi, Scratty and Lister:

Luigi Scratty Lister

Christmas 2009

Aisla Robertha and Nancy Peanut are happy, healthy and lively and much loved by their young owners.

Meri, Tornion and Simo are living as a threesome at Ratty Corner. They're healthy and lively, but Meri has a tendency to get stroppy and hormonal when we have their two brothers, Kirk and Spock, to stay.

Kirk and Spock live with my (adult) son, but come to visit regularly. They have had occasional sneezes but these clear up quickly. Spock is very dominant and has major issues with the smell of other bucks in my house when visiting.

Aura, Janhi, Kala and Kitinen are living in a large group of ten does and seem to throughly enjoy life. They're healthy and lively. I didn't breed down from them in the end, due to reservations about the temperament of their brothers. Aura's a peaceful little lady, Janhi and Kiti are quite naughty and adventurous and Kala is a sock demon, attacking stockinged feet when she sees them, but she's also the cuddly one who will sit still for some love.

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