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Blythe's Pregnancy

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Thursday 25th December 2008

Blythe came into season as my Christmas present, so she spent the night with Barnaby. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday 30th December 2008

Blythe wasn't in season tonight, so there's a fair chance she's caught. She also feels different and is carrying her weight differently. I haven't managed to get her to stay still long enough to weigh her properly.

Looking Good (Monday 5th January 2009)

Despite it only being 11 days since she was mated, I'm practically certain that Blythe is expecting. Her centre of gravity has changed, she's getting clumsier and looking rounder. I'm really looking forward to having babies around.

Weight Gain (Tuesday 6th January 2009)

Blythe has gained 55 grams since she was last weighed on the 27th, so either she's getting fat very quickly or we have babies growing.

How Many Bubs in a Bump? (Monday 12th January 2009)

Blythe is very round and has gained almost 100 grams since the 27th.

Nursery Cage (Thursday 15th January 2009)

Blythe has moved into the nursery cage, along with Chloe as company for now because nothing fazes Chloe so she'll help Blythe to settle. They have the circus igloo from their usual cage because it's been nicely padded with bedding and will smell familiar for them.

Still Waiting (Friday 16th January 2009)

There's no way she can go another day. The bump has tightened up and I can't see how she can get any larger without exploding!

Nesting (08:00 on Saturday 17th January 2009)

Blythe has built herself a lovely cosy nest in and around her circus igloo. No sign of bubs yet, and I'm out for the day so I'm hoping for a nice surprise when I get home.

Babies! (22:45 on Saturday 17th January 2009)

Blythe had her babies while I was out at the committee meeting, so I missed the excitement. I believe they were born sometime between noon and 2pm. Blythe came to the cage door to say hello this evening but didn't want to come out, so I attempted a count up from outside the cage and saw at least 10 babies. Well done Blythe!

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