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Blythe x Barnaby

Blythe Barnaby

Alpha Centauri Barnaby (Topaz rex: A/- M/m r/r Re/re)
Brandywine Blythe (British blue agouti Essex: A/a d/d Hro/H M/m Rb/rb)

Mated: 25th December 2008

Born: 17th January 2009

Ready to leave: 7th March 2009

Expected Varieties: Mating Barnaby to Blythe should give me a close to certain chance of agouti, in a mixture of Essex and unmarked, Rex and smooth coated. There's a fair chance of cinnamon, and if Barnaby carries self then we could have black and the possibility of mink. I'm hoping for outgoing kittens, adventurous yet friendly.

Actual Varieties: We have rex and Essex in agouti and cinnamon. This shows that Barnaby is most probably A/A so not carrying self.

Number of Kittens: 15 born, 1 died at 2 days old.

Torni rex cinnamon Essex buck
Simo (ginger) rex cinnamon buck
Meri (minky) rex cinnamon buck
Aura cinnamon Essex doe
Kiti agouti Essex doe
Janhi agouti Essex doe
Kala rex agouti Essex doe

Jim: Kirk (rex cinnamon Essex buck), Spock (rex agouti buck).
Gayle and family: Lister (Rex agouti Essex buck), Scratty (rex cinnamon Essex buck), Luigi (agouti buck).
Tom and Martha: Nancy Peanut (Agouti Essex doe), Aisla Robertha (agouti doe).



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