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Blythe's Litter, Week 7

43 Days Old - Sunday 1st March 2009



45 Days Old - Tuesday 3rd March 2009

The baby boys have discovered the whole room now, so it seemed pointless to keep bringing them back onto the table. I sat on the floor with them while they climbed on me, tumbled around in little fighting balls and bounded across the floor in their hoppity happy bounce. I completely failed to get any photos in focus though.

The girls are still just about staying on the table, but tonight I put a ladder up to their cage from the table so they could come and go. It seems that the place to be is on top of the cage, right up by the ceiling. Just a couple of photos of the girls for you.

The smooth coated babies are very high gloss and silky smooth, while the rexy babies are very shaggy and unkempt looking. I really can't decide which look I prefer.

They're still eating as much as the adults - it must take a lot of energy to grow so fast! They're having hard mix with just a small amount of soft food and are a lot less stinky, though the cages are still needing to be cleaned every three days. Five of them will be leaving me on Saturday, making the cages less crowded and hopefully needing cleaning less often, which will be great. Anni, if you're reading this, please get in touch about collecting your two girls.

My eldest can't take his two until they're a little bigger, as their cage has wide spaced bars, so all the five remaining boys will be introduced to their dad and uncle to live together for a while. They're young enough not to smell like adults and pose a threat to the hierarchy, so I don't anticipate any problems integrating them. The baby girls will be introduced to their mum's group in a few weeks - with girls it helps if they're just that little bit older. Blythe's still coming out with her group every evening, although I've added more rats to the big group while she's been away. The cage won't be big enough for them all, but it will make playtime easier if they can all come out at once.

Seven Weeks Old - Saturday 7th March 2009

Five ratties have left for their new homes. The reservation for two girls has been cancelled. I think they will stay now.

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