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Blythe's Litter, Week 6

37 Days Old - Monday 23rd February 2009

Some photos and some weight charts.

39 Days Old - Wednesday 25th February 2009

I've had to stop getting the babies out in the morning, as it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep them on the table and I can't go to work if there's a baby missing. The babies can jump a good two feet onto the shelves, their cage, or anyone who's passing, and even if they don't make the distance they still end up on the floor.



Much amusement this evening watching two boys playing in an upturned tissue box - the long flat kind. They'd chewed off the top of it, so they were actually standing on the floor of the cage with the box on top of them, bouncing round like some strange poultergeist. Every now and then one would stick his head under the side to make sure of where they were, and possibly to check that their audience was still with them, but mostly they were pinging and scrapping under there.

Six Weeks Old - Saturday 28th February 2009


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