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Blythe's Litter, Week 5

29 Days Old - Sunday 15th February 2009

The babies are getting more and more of a handful. I sat at the table with them this morning and got swarmed. They shared my cup of tea, until there were so many babies on the cup that there was no room for me. They can now jump from the table back onto the main cage door, so I decided to move them into the top of the Explorer cage that their little cage has been sitting inside.

30 Days Old - Monday 16th February 2009

Some quick photos. Poor Blythe is looking really thin. She is taking the opportunity to have a nap in peace when I let her out of the cage. We'll be taking the little boys out soon, which will help.

31 Days Old - Tuesday 17th February 2009

I had a parcel with tissue paper in it, so I gave it to the babies. It looked like fun!

32 Days Old - Wednesday 18th February 2009

It's not that they're eating all the time, it's that the only time they are still enough to photograph easily is when they're eating. I'm sure they run on fast-forward! Breakfast, by the way, was Almo Nature tuna and cheese cat food with Orlux egg food and some puppy milk. It looked like they were picking out the bits of cheese.

33 Days Old - Thursday 19th February 2009

They're growing up so fast! The patchy rexes are beginning to grow soft down again, so they will hopefully look more attractive soon. The babies are getting toilet trained, no longer leaving little messages all over the table when they come out, but using the back corners of the cage. It's very obvious now which are the boys and which are the girls. It beggars belief that the pet shops can't reliably sex baby rats!

Tomorrow is the day when Mum and the girls are split from the boys, to avoid any babies having babies while they still need all the nutrition to grow up themselves. The cage is all set up ready, and they explored it during playtime today so that it's not completely unfamiliar. The boys will stay in the Explorer, which they're used to, while the girls will be in a strange cage but will have Mum with them.

34 Days Old - Friday 20th February 2009

35 Days Old - Saturday 21st February 2009

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