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Blythe's Litter, Week 2

8 Days Old - Sunday 25th January 2009


Well, I've now got 8 boys and 6 girls, and one more cinnamon than I thought. Hopeless, I am! I'll leave it another week before contacting my waiting list, then hopefully I'll be certain what I have.

9 Days Old - Monday 26th January 2009

I'm still dodgy on the sexing, but it should become obvious within the next day or so because the girls should start showing nipples soon.

cinnamon rex Essex boy cinnamon rex Essex boy cinnamon rex Essex boy agouti rex boy cinnamon rex boy cinnamon rex boy agouti rex boy agouti boy agouti girl cinnamon Essex agouti rex Essex girl agouti Essex girl agouti girl
agouti Essex girl - no photo

10 Days Old - Tuesday 27th January 2009

CoatHead SpotColourWeight CoatHead SpotColourWeight
rexcinnamon25 gramsrexagouti26 grams
rexcinnamon25 gramssmooth bindicinnamon26 grams
rexcinnamon22 gramssmoothagouti24 grams
rexagouti25 gramssmooth peanutagouti26 grams
rexunmarkedcinnamon25 gramssmoothagouti25 grams
rexunmarkedcinnamon24 gramssmoothunmarkedagouti25 grams
rexunmarkedagouti25 grams
smoothunmarkedagouti27 grams

11 Days Old - Wednesday 28th January 2009

I've been taking pictures! Discovered it's much easier to put them down to photograph than to try and hold them.

 CoatHead SpotColourPhoto  CoatHead SpotColourPhoto
1 rex cinnamon 9 rex agouti
2 rex cinnamon 10 smooth cinnamon
3 rex cinnamon 11 smooth agouti
4 rex agouti 12 smooth agouti
5 rex unmarked cinnamon 13 smooth agouti
6 rex unmarked cinnamon 14 smooth unmarked agouti
7 rex unmarked agouti
8 smooth unmarked agouti

I'm finding the squeaks they make very amusing. Because Blythe has 12 teats and there are 14 babies, the two who can't latch on tend to make squeaky protesting commentaries, sounding like Sweep from Sooty and Sweep, and trying to push their littermates off. If Blythe moves while she's feeding them, the whole lot chirp like a nest of hungry birds.

12 Days Old - Thursday 29th January 2009

The babies are becoming much more mobile, climbing over mum and generally being little pests. The big news is that one of the girls has one eye open, so they'll probably all open their eyes tomorrow. Their ears are also starting to unfurl from their heads - they'll soon look like proper miniature rats. Blythe is starting to look quite tired of the whole business, but I suppose that's not surprising with 14 little mouths to feed.

13 Days Old - Friday 30th January 2009

A few little glints of eyes showing, but none wide open yet. Blythe came out for a little wander, but I didn't get the babies out as I had to be at the vets with Isabella before work.

This evening there were more eyes showing, but I've decided to do a big update of weights and photos in the morning. Blythe looks quite worn out; this is the worst time, when the babies are getting bigger but not beginning to try the solid food just yet. They are leaving the nest a little more and going for wobbly walks around the cage. They're very fast, and are beginning to nibble on one another with their new little teeth.

2 weeks Old - Saturday 31st January 2009

The babies now weigh a total of 430 grams, more than mum who is now at 408 grams - almost back down to her normal weight. Mum is looking as if she needs more, despite the extra dry mix, egg food, lactol, Almo Nature cat food, Nature Diet dog food, scrambled egg, kale and other veggies we've been giving her. Thankfully the babies are beginning to show an interest in tiny bits of food such as finely chopped cucumber and grated carrot, so they should discover the soft food bowl soon.

 CoatHead SpotColourWeightPhoto  CoatHead SpotColourWeightPhoto
1 rex cinnamon 31 grams 9 rex agouti 32 grams
2 rex cinnamon 30 grams 10 smooth cinnamon 31 grams
3 rex cinnamon 28 grams 11 smooth agouti 32 grams
4 rex agouti 29 grams 12 smooth agouti 30 grams
5 rex unmarked brighter cinnamon 31 grams 13 smooth agouti 31 grams
6 rex unmarked browner cinnamon 32 grams 14 smooth unmarked agouti 31 grams
7 rex unmarked agouti 30 grams
8 smooth unmarked agouti 33 grams

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