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16/028/HBrandywine Glitter x Brandywine CorneliusBorn on 11th June 2016
15/027/GBrandywine Crystal Tips x Brandywine Bailiwick & BrandywineBurlington BertieBorn on 29th October 2015
15/025/DBrandywine Asha x Brandywine Unanimous BootsBorn on 14th March 2015
15/024/CBrandywine Xandy x Lovecraft ZacharyBorn on 7th January 2015
14/023/BBrandywine Xara x Brandywine TillerBorn on 2nd July 2014
14/022/ABrandywine Xia x Brandywine VectorBorn on 1st July 2014
13/021/YBrandywine Venus x Brandywine TateBorn on 23rd November 2013
13/020/XBrandywine Verity x Brandywine TeddyBorn on 20th November 2013
13/019/VBrandywine Ruby Slippers x Brandywine Bungo and OrinocoBorn on 6th April 2013
13/018/UBrandywine Rambling Rose x Halcyon QuigleyBorn on 27th March 2013
12/017/TBrandywine Olympia x Lovecraft NewtonBorn on 2nd December 2012
12/016/RBrandywine Marmion x Kropotkin HectorBorn on 5th July 2012
12/015/PBrandywine Heidelberg x Brandywine WellingtonBorn on 9th March 2012
12/014/OBrandywine Shansi x Brandywine LoganBorn on 8th March 2012
11/013/MBrandywine Coral x Kropotkin GabrielBorn on 1st December 2011
11/012/LBrandywine Diamantina x Kropotkin HectorBorn on 28th November 2011
11/011/KBrandywine Dart x Shunamite AmbroseBorn on 10th May 2011
11/010/JBrandywine Willow x Brandywine DerwentBorn on 8th May 2011
11/009/IBrandywine Tamar x Brandywine DerwentBorn on 22nd January 2011
11/008/HBrandywine Dart x Brandywine TrentBorn on 21st January 2011
10/007/GBrandywine Lea x Brandywine RavensbourneBorn on 15th August 2010
10/006/FBrandywine Effra x Brandywine RavensbourneBorn on 30th April 2010
09/005/EBrandywine Wandle x Brandywine TyburnBorn on 20th December 2009
09/004/DBrandywine Effra x Brandywine TyburnBorn on 19th December 2009
09/003/CKropotkin Grace x Brandywine SherbourneBorn on 1st June 2009
09/002/BBrandywine Blythe x Alpha Centauri BarnabyBorn on 17th January 2009
08/001/AAsbru Kitty x Asbru DiggoryBorn on 25th July 2008

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