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When you home rats from me, I will ask you to agree to a few things. This is an explanation of why I ask these things.

I have examined the rats prior to adoption and I am satisfied with their condition and health at the time of adoption.

I will not attempt to home rats with you unless I am satisfied that they are healthy and in good condition. I would like you to have the opportunity to look over your new rats and to feel comfortable with their health and condition. You have the choice of rejecting them if you feel they have problems. If you have any reservations about their health it will help if we both take note of this at the time to save any future disagreements.

I agree to take good care of the rats and will ensure they receive whatever treatment may be necessary to keep them in good health. I agree to feed a suitable diet and provide suitable housing and enrichment.

These kittens are my babies. I want to be assured that they will receive the best of care and will be taken to the vet when they are ill.

I agree to keep them as pets, and not to breed from them nor allow any other party to breed from them without written permission from Annette.

I do not support indescriminate breeding, and would not want rats which I had homed as pets to be used for breeding without consultation.

I agree not to re-sell or rehome these rats without Annette's prior knowledge and consent.
I agree that if I am no longer able to keep the rats, Annette will be informed and given the opportunity to readopt the rats.

I have a horror of any of my rats ending up in a rescue or in an inappropriate home. If any rat I have bred needs a new home at any time, I will expect to be given the chance to bring them back here, no questions asked. If they have bonded cagemates I will be happy to negotiate with the breeders of the other rats to ensure the best solution. If the cagemates are not sourced from a breeder I will seriously consider taking them along with my own-bred rats.

I agree to provide ongoing information about the health and temperament of these rats.

The more information I can get back about the health and temperament of the rats I've homed, the better I can plan future breedings. I intend to contact you approximately once every six months to see how they are getting on, but have no objection to more frequent news. (I will try not to stalk you.)

I understand that these rats are not necessarily of show quality, but that I may show them in pets or varieties classes.

I have no problem at all with your rats being shown, but cannot guarantee that they will be of variety winning quality.

Your kittens will be provided with a full family tree, which is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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