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Mr Pickles

Mr Pickles

Nickname: Mr P

Gender: Buck

Variety: Black Roan

Born: Guesstimated 16 June 2013

Arrived: 16th March 2014

Died: 2nd July 2015

Origin: Petshop rehome/rescue

About Mr Pickles

Mr Pickles was returned to the pet shop he was originally bought from, to be rehomed with his cage for £40. A friend overheard the staff discussing putting him in the freezer and selling the cage, so they bought him and gave him to me. We put his age at around 9 months, as his colour was not drastically roaned out, but he had buck grease so he was mature.

Although Mr Pickles was said to nip, his first reaction to being picked up when I collected him was to relax into my arms, and a few minutes later he was bruxing and boggling. We had our ups and downs, but by the time I lost him at an estimated two years old he was my little friend and a very loving boy.


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16th March 2014 - Sounds respy and has sore eye. Started on Ronaxan for chest.
17th March 2014 - Both problems were probably stress related, as he seems fine today. Finishing the week's course of antibiotics.
19th March 2014 - Neutered.
2nd July 2015 - Goodbye Mr Pickles, my very special little man. xx


A bit broken, but very definitely mendable. A very strange mixture of hormonal behaviour and clinginess once he moved into the rat room. A real sweetheart of a rat underneath it all.

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