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Brandywine Tiller



Sire: Lovecraft Newton

Dam: Brandywine Olympia

Gender: Buck

Variety: Russian Dove Essex

Known genetics: a/a Hro/H m/m rb/rb

Born: 2nd December 2012

Died: 18th September 2014

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Tansy, Thistle, Tiptoe, Teddy, Tate, Ritz, Ronnie, Rosie, Mollie, Sweetie, Ben, Socrates.

Litters: 2nd July 2014 with Brandywine Xara

About Tiller

Tiller is one of a litter of thirteen blues and doves.



MRC Annual Cup Show at Broughton, 6th October 2013
2nd of 2 in Essex Adult
2nd of 2 in Essex
3rd of 4 in Marked Adult
3rd of 4 in Marked Challenge
Stud Buck Shield for 1st of 20 in Best Stud Buck

Fair colour. Fair head and eye. Nice ear. Head spot irregular in shape. Getting a little flabby - lacking muscle tone. Tail length OK. (LO)

MRC Sawley Birthday Show, 7th June 2014
3rd of 4 in Adult Owned Veteran Buck

Sleepy face. Loved the side of his face being rubbed. Lay on his side for judge to fuss him. Nice thick coat. Lovely clean tail. Nice shoulder rat. Very friendly. Lovely rattie. (NW)


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Family Tree

Brandywine Derwent
Russian Blue
Brandywine Tamar
Agouti Blazed Essex
Brandywine Derwent
Russian Blue
Brandywine Tamar
Agouti Blazed Essex
Brandywine Trent
Russian Blue Agouti
Brandywine Dart
Russian Blue Agouti Essex
Brandywine Derwent
Russian Blue
Brandywine Willow
Russian Blue Agouti Essex
Brandywine Dandelion
Cinnamon Blazed Essex
+ Brandywine Contra
Brandywine Logan
Russian Blue Agouti
+ Brandywine Shansi
Russian Blue Agouti Essex
Lovecraft Newton
Russian Dove Essex
+ Brandywine Olympia
Russian Blue

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Wednesday 6th August 2014 - lost 20 grams over the last week. Looking very unwell and has an abscess beside his penis. He's had a Convenia jab at the vets, I'm bathing the abscess, and giving Meloxicam and Clavaseptin twice daily.
Wednesday 27th August 2014 - Still losing weight, now rattly as well. Steroid injection with a side dish of Clavaseptin, but not hopeful. My vet suspects that there'a a hidden cancer at work.
Thursday 18th September - Tiller has had weekly steroid injections as that was the treatment that seemed to work best, and I thought I'd halted his weight loss, but this week he had lost another 50 grams and looked so tired that I couldn't justify letting him carry on. He was not using his hands well, and either had right side blindness or inattention, so we're fairly certain there was a brain tumour. So sorry, my little man. xxx


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