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Halcyon Quinn



Sire: Caledonian Calmac

Dam: Halcyon Wishing Well

Gender: Buck

Variety: Russian Blue Rex

Known genetics: a/a R/r rb/rb Re/re

Born: 21st June 2012

Died: 29th April 2014

Origin: Halcyon Stud

Litter Mates: Quigley

About Quinn

Quinn and his brother Quigley have come to Ratty Corner with the thought of maybe adding rex to my lines if all goes well. Quinn is the smaller of the two, with a slightly less broad head but bigger eyes and no markings.


MRC 1* Show, 9th March 2013
2nd of 3 in Russian Rex Adult
2nd of 6 in Rex Adult Challenge
2nd of 10 in Best Rex

Fairly good head, eye, type. Good colour. Good curl, needs more on shoulder, under. (SM)


Family Tree

Caledonian Orrin
BE Siamese
Halcyon Yvaine
Blue Point Siamese
Hakuna Matata Mr Vandemar
Russian Blue
Caledonian Danna
Halcyon Finnan
Agouti Rex
Halcyon Acha
Halcyon Shooting Star
Russian Topaz
Halcyon Glittering Prize
Caledonian Bloo
BE Blue Point Siamese
+ Caledonian Lilly
Halcyon Fogle
Topaz Rex
+ Halcyon Hotel
Caledonian Calmac
Russian Blue
+ Halcyon Wishing Well
Buff Rex

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Oct 2013 - Abscess drained and flushed below left ear. Clavaseptin.
6th March 2014 - Abscess drained and flushed below right ear. Back on the Clavaseptin.
29th April 2014 - Died in cage, no warning or obvious cause. Goodbye my hot little snugglemonster xx


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