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Formerly called: Dennis or Menace

Gender: Buck

Variety: Black eyed roan

Born around: 28th June 2012

Arrived: 28th December 2013

Died: 14th July 2014

Origin: Rehome

Litter Mates: Castor.

About Pollux

Castor and Pollux lived locally, and came to live at Ratty Corner following a phone call asking if I knew anyone who could take them.

Pol still has a few dark hairs that mark him out as a faded roan, probably black or agouti.

This is the story of how the two boys settled in.


Weight data on all our ratties


Monday 30th December 2013 - Castrated to allow him and his brother to be integrated with my other rats.
18th January 2014 - Cut on shoulder during failed intros with a group of girls.
30th January 2014 - Shoulder's healed, but he's not eating well and is losing weight. No obvious cause other than stress.
14th July 2014 - Pollux has had a lump growing for a while, but first he had an eye infection, then a respiratory infection, then an abscess in his eye socket, so I never got him fit enough to have the lump removed. The lump was beginning to cause him problems, so when his cagemate needed to be put to sleep I decided to let them go together, even though he could probably have gone on for another two or three weeks. So sorry my little man, I was always treating you for something or other and I feel as if we never really bonded. xx


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