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Nickname: KD (aka Alaskan Dream)

Gender: Buck

Variety: Roan

Born: 3rd January 2012

Arrived: 7th April 2012

Died: 14th July 2014

Origin: Rehome

Litter Mates: Abra.

About Kadabra

Kadabra was born to a rescued feeder rat and was adopted along with his brother Abra by a friend who was unable to keep them.

I started off trying to intro KD and his brother to a group of young boys that I intuitively felt they would suit, thinking that at three months they shouldn't be too hard to intro, but Abs and KD were too hormonally mature and were more ready to fight than make friends. I then had them neutered, and three weeks later tried them with a group of three older bucks, the best choice logistically for me. It seemed to be going fairly well, but one of the older boys took a dislike to KD and began harassing him, so I split them before it went further. I then tried them with the younger group again, and they went into the group practically without incident. They seem very settled now and have both discovered the wheel, which they are trying to wear out.



Weight data on all our ratties


14th July 2014 - Kadabra has been struggling with hind leg weakness and generally not eating well, so when he began struggling for breath I decided it was time to let him go.


10th April 2012 - Very active, not fearful of people. Reacts very hormonally to the presence of other rats.

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