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Gender: Buck

Variety: Mink? Hooded

Born:Around June 2011

Died: 4th February 2013

Origin: Rehome

About Max

Max came to live at Ratty Corner on 10th August 2012 as his brother had died and he needed some companionship. He had a slight renaming from Marx to save confusion, as my OH is called Mark and I didn't want to put the wrong one back in the cage. ;-)

18th August 2012 - Max moved in with six young ratties today and seems very happy to have company again.

Sunday 9th September 2012 - Max and my keeper babies moved in with another group today. It went really well and I'm so pleased to see him looking so eager and happy.


Weight data on all our ratties


28th August 2012 - Swollen right hand/arm. Gave Metacam. Check again tomorrow.
29th August 2010 - It looks like a bite on his arm. Hopefully will heal cleanly.
5th September 2012 - developed an abscess on his shoulder. Flushed out at vets.
12th September 2012 - Abscess returned. Flushed again, more Convenia. Hoping this is it, as he is seriously peed off with me right now. He seems quite happy this evening though, just avoiding me.
23rd November 2012 - Abscess returned. Flushed again, Convenia and Clavaseptin.
2nd February 2013 - Clicky chest, not eating. Convenia and Dex. Ronaxan daily.
4th February 2013 - No better at all. Dropping weight fast. Put to sleep. Feels like a huge betrayal.


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