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Brandywine Lexington


Nickname: Lex

Sire: Kropotkin Hector

Dam: Brandywine Diamantina

Gender: Buck

Variety: Agouti Essex

Known genetics: A/a Hro/H M/m Rb/rb

Born: 28th November 2011

Died: 30th January 2013

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Lola, Laurel, Lucerne, Lincoln, Victory, Harmony, Jax, Opie, Tig, Freya, Pixie.

About Lexington

Lexington is named after the city of Lexington in Kentucky.



Joint NFRS/MRC Show, 28th April 2012
1st of 2 in Essex
1st of 6 in Best Marked Adult
1st of 6 in Best Marked

Good colour, shades nicely to sides. Good clear belly. Well defined headspot. Fair size and type. (NM)


MRC 1* Cup Show, 6th October 2012
1st of 2 in Essex
2nd of 9 in Best Marked Adult
3rd of 10 in Best Marked

Agouti. Nice solid buck, colour fades nicely from back to sides. Good clear belly, nicely defined headspot. Nice bold eyes. Good size and type. (NM)



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    Family Tree

    Kropotkin Ennis
    Cinnamon Pearl
    Kropotkin Clannad
    Kropotkin Fingal
    Kropotkin Leonora
    Brandywine Tyburn
    Brandywine Effra
    Brandywine Ravensbourne
    Agouti Essex
    Brandywine Effra
    Kropotkin Mozilla
    + Kropotkin Octavia
    Brandywine Trent
    Russian Blue Agouti
    + Brandywine Dart
    Russian Blue Agouti Essex
    Kropotkin Hector
    Silver Mink
    + Brandywine Diamantina
    Russian Blue Agouti Essex

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    25th January 2013 - Lost 50g in 5 days, circling (not rolling), struggling to eat and looking very poorly. No obvious cause. Dex and Convenia.
    29th January 2013 - Had another steroid jab yesterday. Vet said the Convenia should still be working, but I've added daily antibiotics anyway. I'm really, really not happy with him. It looks more like a brain problem than ear. I guess we'll see.
    30th January 2013 - Watching him eat, we realised he couldn't swallow very well at all and found he had a lump restricting his throat. In view of the other problems I had him put to sleep. Very upsetting indeed.


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