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Brandywine Willow


Nickname: None

Sire: Brandywine Ravensbourne

Dam: Brandywine Lea

Gender: Doe

Variety: Russian Blue Agouti Essex

Known genetics: A/a Hro/H rb/rb

Born:15th August 2010

Died: 30th May 2012

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Cherwell, Harper, Delerium, Desire, Pickle, Marley, Pan and Poseidon.

Matings: x Brandywine Derwent

About Willow

Willow is named after Willow Brook, which is a tributary of the River Nene in Northamptonshire.


YRC/MRC Joint 1* Show, Hallowe'en 31st October 2010
1st of 2 in Essex Kitten
1st of 5 in Best Marked Kitten
1st of 10 in Best Marked
2nd of 18 in Best Kitten

Nice typey kitten. Lovely head, nice eye and ear. Good tail. Fairly good headspot. Fairly even graduation to sides. Top colour needs more fawn under. (ET)

MRC Rescheduled Christmas Show, 9th January 2011
1st of 1 in Essex Adult
1st of 1 in Best Marked Adult
1st of 1 in Best Marked
3rd of 25 in Adult Challenge
3rd of 27 in Supreme Challenge

Good size and type. Good head, eye and ear. Good belly. Fair gradation to sides. Good RBA colour to spine. Needs more blue to sides. Good condition. Very nice doe. (LC)

MRC February Show, 5th February 2011
2nd of 2 in Essex

Cinnamon Essex. Fair dorsal stripe. However colour cuts off too sharply on flanks. Fair belly but very stained. Good feet. Nice head spot. Fair size and type. Nice bold eyes. (NM)



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Family Tree of Brandywine Willow
Russian Blue Agouti Essex

Asbru Diggory
Asbru Kitty
Russian Blue Essex
Kropotkin Ludwig
Kropotkin Fatima
Brandywine Sherbourne
Agouti Essex
Kropotkin Grace
Brandywine Sherbourne
Agouti Essex
Kropotkin Grace
Brandywine Sherbourne
Agouti Essex
+ Kropotkin Grace
Brandywine Tyburn
+ Brandywine Effra
Brandywine Ravensbourne
Agouti Essex
+ Brandywine Lea
Russian Blue
Brandywine Willow
Russian Blue Agouti Essex

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20th June 2011 - Mammary lump, probably due to pregnancy hormones. Hoping it will shrink now she's no longer feeding babies.
Monday 3rd July - Vet visit. Lump not growing quickly, so keep an eye on and return for removal if/when needed.
Wednesday 27th July - Lump visibly growing, so removed today. Doing fine.
Tuesday 20th December - Rattly chest. Started on Marbocyl.
Friday 23rd December - chest better. Continue meds until end of month.
Wednesday 2nd May - back on meds - wheezy again. Showing some signs of PT?
Thursday 18th May - discussed using Galastop with vet. Wait until pregnant doe moves out of same cage.
Wednesday 30th May - Severe neurological symptoms, plus bulging eye, so not a PT but probably a different tumour. Put to sleep. Sorry babe x.


Calm and sweet girl.

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