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Nickname: Tinks

Gender: Doe

Variety: Silver Fawn Hooded

Born: Around December 2010

Died: 22nd September 2011

Origin: Pets at Home Adoption Centre 14/March/2011

About Tinkerbell

Bringing Tinks home was completely unintended. I went into Pets at Home one Saturday with my daughter to pick up some Naturediet for the rats, and she persuaded me to go and look at the pets. I usually avoid that area because I know I'm weak. There were two tanks of tiny rat kittens, and in the adoption centre one quite nicely kitted out large tank with a an igloo inside and just a little bit of white fur showing inside. The sign said the ratty's name was 'Tinker' and it was 11 weeks old (although we don't know how old the sign was), and when we asked the staff we were told he was a little boy. We didn't take him home because I was worried about infection, and I know the arguments against homing from their adoption centre; that it doesn't actually 'save' a rat because it's somewhere to move older rats on to when they don't sell so they can restock. But once I knew he was there I couldn't stop thinking about him and worrying where he'd end up. Sucker! So, I resigned myself to setting up quarantine and returned on the Monday to pick him up.

When the ratty was taken out of the tank, it was a little silver fawn hooded girl! I was told then that Tinker had been sold along with her sister, but when her sister died her new owners returned her. The shop say they took her to the vet, who could find nothing wrong. She then sat in a tank on her own for two or three weeks in 'isolation', but still seemed healthy. She was shy but friendly, and her chest sounded clear, so home she came. It was less than an hour after coming home that she started sneezing and burbling. Sigh.

Looking at Tinks' paws, she's not going to grow very big at all - they are tiny compared to her new cagemates'; especially as she's three months and they're two.


MRC 1* Show, 4th of June 2011
1st of 12 in Adult Owned Adult Doe
1st of 13 in Adult Owned Doe
1st of ? in Adult Owned
1st of 33 in Best Pet

Beautiful ears, pretty face. Lovely lively girl. Dirty tail lets her down. (LilyG)



Weight data on all our ratties


14th March 2011 - Sounds of URI. Clavaseptin.
22nd March 2011 - Just sneezing now. Most likely stress related.
29th May 2011 - Chest has been clear for a while now now. Strange elongated lump under neck, like a big skin tag.
30th May 2011 - Lump gone. Small hole left.
2nd June 2011 - Now the hole's gone. Weird things, rats.
Saturday 2nd July 2011 - Large neck abscess. Looks under the weather.
Monday 4th July 2011 - Abscess drained - sent for culture. Treating with high dose Clavaseptin in the meantime, 1/4 of a 20mg tablet per day as she's tiny.
Tuesday 5th July 2011 - Teeth misaligned (due to abscess?) and overgrowing. Back to vets tomorrow.
Wednesday 6th July 2011 - Teeth trimmed. Lost about 20g in weight, down to 202g. Teeth suggest the abscess was there long before I noticed.
Friday 8th July 2011 - Abscess healing nicely. Tinks looks back to her old self.
Sunday 17th July 2011 - Porfy eye and nose, possibly swollen whisker pad. Can't see teeth, but suspect they need trimming again!
Monday 18th July 2011 - Teeth trimmed.
Friday 5th August 2011 - Still has a hole in her neck, not healing with Hibiscrub. Started on Marbocyl.
Monday 15th August 2011 - Healing slowly. Continue Marbocyl. Teeth trimmed.
Tuesday 23rd August 2011 - Still not completely healed. Vet investigated scab to make sure no more infection, which she hasn't, but she has a hole right through to the bone. Continuing Marbocyl.
Friday 9th September 2011 - Teeth trimmed. Bone still showing - keep an eye on, but not repairable. Off the Marbocyl for now.
Thursday 22nd September 2011 - New infection in her cheek. Teeth growing almost sideways and twisting together. Decided in consultation with vet to put to sleep. Nine months old. So not fair! So very sorry, my baby girl. xx


Licky, sweet and friendly. Despite her problems, Tinks is an incredibly happy little rat who goes everywhere at a bounce.

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