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Nickname: Norrie > Nobby > Bobby

Gender: Buck

Variety: Black Striped Roan

Born: June 2010

Died: 10th June 2012

Origin: Rescue kitten, then rehomed at 10 months old.

About Norbert

Norbert was previously named Squeak, due to his habit of squeaking every time he is picked up. We seem to have lengthened his name to Squeaky Norbert, and then shortened it again to Norbert, finally ending up with the nickname of Bobby. He came to live at Ratty Corner in April 2011, as his cagemates had all passed on and his previous owners were no longer able to get more rats due to other commitments. Norbert will hopefully be housed with some babies from my forthcoming litters to keep him company as soon as they are old enough.

Norbert surprised us on his very first evening here by using the wheel in his new cage for a leisurely stroll, even though he didn't have one in his previous home. I wonder if he had one as a kitten?

Norbert went on a very successful diet to lose his excess weight and was later joined by a group of young kittens to act as their 'uncle' when they left their mums. He is a very happy and active boy and continues to enjoy using the wheel.


Weight data on all our ratties


A little overweight. White teeth - unsure why. Grey reflection spot in left eye - possible cataract.
12th June 2011 - Now a nice weight at around 500g, and living with some new friends. Teeth a better colour.


Lovely cuddly boy. Squeaks when picked up, but happy once held.
12th June 2011 - Much less squeaky and becoming more confident.

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