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Kropotkin Hector



Sire: Kropotkin Mozilla

Dam: Kropotkin Octavia

Gender: Buck

Variety: Silver Mink

Known genetics: a/a m/m

Born: 26th November 2010

Died: 30th June 2013

Origin: Kropotkin Stud

Litter Mates: Gabriel

Litters: 28th November 2011 with Brandywine Diamantina
5th July 2012 with Brandywine Marmion

About Hector

Hector came to live with his cousins at Ratty Corner at seven weeks old. His great grandfather Elgar is the brother of Grace, from whom many of my other rats are descended.

Hector has grown into a big studly buck with the unfortunate habit of climbing to high places and then falling off when he tries to climb down. I've worked to make easy ways down around the rat room, which seems to have reduced his number of falls.

MRC February Show, 5th February 2011
1st of 1 in Mink Kitten
2nd of 2 in Self Kitten Challenge

Very heavily silvered and in moult. Possibly mink or lilac? May show better when older. Good feet. Fair size and type. Good eyes. (NM)

MRC 1* Show, 4th of June 2011
1st of 1 in Silver

Good head and eye, fair ear. Good type and condition, a little baggy. Good tail. Good top colour, silvering quite even but mottled across back. (DC)

Joint NFRS/MRC Show, 28th April 2012

Unplaced in NFRS Breeder Owned Pet

Lovely soft girly fur. Handsome chap. Quite interested once out of tank. Enjoyed belly tickles. Lovely. A nice mix between curious and cuddly. (VM)

4th of 8 in MRC Adult Owned Buck Adult

Very manly man, very cuddly and gave the judge a kiss. Slightly dirty tail. Nice short nails. Nice smelling buck that didn't mind being sniffed. (CR)

MRC Cup Show, 6th October 2012
1st of 1 in Adult Owned Buck Veteran

Lovely gentle older man. Very calm, seen it all before. Had a little wander around. Lovely soft coat. Really nice natured boy and a kiss to round things off. (SS)



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    Family Tree of Kropotkin Hector

    Kropotkin Castor
    Amicus Sinead
    Cinnamon Pearl
    Kropotkin Tashkent
    Kropotkin Clodagh
    Kropotkin Tashkent
    Kropotkin Clodagh
    Kropotkin Elgar
    Kropotkin Isis
    Kropotkin Ennis
    Cinnamon Pearl
    + Kropotkin Clannad
    Kropotkin Fingal
    + Kropotkin Leonora
    Kropotkin Mozilla
    + Kropotkin Octavia

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    20th November 2012 - neck abscess. Labs showed Bacteroides sp. - the same as the contagious abscesses we had before. Moved the whole cage group downstairs to avoid spreading it. Clavaseptin.
    26th April 2013 - Nose bleeds. Probably a nasal tumour, but had some antibiotics just in case. Hoping it will ease off for a while before he has to be put to sleep.
    30th June 2013 - Has been fine since April. His brother died a week ago, and he's gone downhill since then. Stopped eating yesterday, and passed away this evening.


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