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Kropotkin Gabriel


Nickname: Gabe

Sire: Kropotkin Mozilla

Dam: Kropotkin Octavia

Gender: Buck

Variety: Pearl

Known genetics: a/a m/m Pe/pe

Born: 26th November 2010

Died: 23rd June 2013

Origin: Kropotkin Stud

Litter Mates: Hector

Matings: Mated 7th November 2011 with Brandywine Coral

About Gabriel

Gabriel came to live with his cousins at Ratty Corner at seven weeks old, and is possibly going to be used for breeding when he is older. His great grandfather Elgar is the brother of Grace, from whom many of my other rats are descended.


MRC February Show, 5th February 2011
3rd of 3 in Pearl/Cinnamon Pearl Kitten
4th of 5 in Best AOV Kitten

Colour fair but still in moult. Slightly stained in parts. Fair size - still youngster. Will show better older. Grubby tail.

MRC 1* Show, 4th of June 2011
2nd of 2 in Pearl/Cinnamon Pearl
1st of 21 in Best Stud Buck

Pearl. Very good head and eye. Fair ear. Good type. Good condition. Good tail. Good top colour - shows slight yellowing on rump. (DC)

Joint NFRS/MRC Show, 28th April 2012

2nd of 7 in NFRS Breeder Owned Buck
3rd of 10 in NFRS Breeder Owned Pet

Quite handsome. A nice friendly boy. Put himself back in the tank - stuck his tongue out at the judge! Very soft coat. Possibly a happy lap rat - he nodded in agreement. (VM)

3rd of 8 in MRC Adult Owned Buck Adult

Kissed the judge. Very relaxed and licky. Went for a wander across the table and scribe. Short nails, dirty tail. (CR)



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    Family Tree of Kropotkin Gabriel

    Kropotkin Castor
    Amicus Sinead
    Cinnamon Pearl
    Kropotkin Tashkent
    Kropotkin Clodagh
    Kropotkin Tashkent
    Kropotkin Clodagh
    Kropotkin Elgar
    Kropotkin Isis
    Kropotkin Ennis
    Cinnamon Pearl
    + Kropotkin Clannad
    Kropotkin Fingal
    + Kropotkin Leonora
    Kropotkin Mozilla
    + Kropotkin Octavia

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    9th November 2012 - Mouth abscess drained. Had spread to neck gland.
    23rd June 2013 - Lost some weight recently, but still very much with it. Found him dead in the cage this evening, no obvious cause.


    A right little pest, but no malice to him. Ankle nipper.
    28th December 2011 - becoming more pushy and obnoxious since becoming a father. Decided to neuter him to give the other rats in his cage (and my ankles) a break.

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