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Brandywine Tyburn


Nickname: Ty

Sire: Brandywine Sherbourne

Dam: Kropotkin Grace

Birth litter: Grace x Sherbourne

Gender: Buck

Variety: Black Self

Known genetics: a/a D/d M/m Rb/rb

Known genetics: a/a M/m

Born:1st June 2009

Died: 2nd February 2011

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Thames, Brent, Ravensbourne, Effra, Moselle, Wandle.

26th November 2009 to Brandywine Effra
27th November 2009 to Brandywine Wandle
15th December 2009 to Kropotkin Venus of Pimpernel Rattery.

About Tyburn

Tyburn was born in my third Brandywine litter, and was one of seven littermates, four boys and three girls. Tyburn was shortened to Ty, then lengthened again to Little Tyke, because he is. He's the adventurous one, the first to find his way down a ladder I'd forgotten to move onto the floor. He looked like he would be a nice show black until I found just a little bit of white on one hand and a tiny belly spot, and then his tail developed a kink at the end.

Tyburn is named after the Tyburn Stream. He and his siblings are named after rivers of London, to celebrate the fact that their mother Grace came from a rattery in London.

July 2009 - This one's going to be a character. He's afraid of nothing! First of the litter to get onto the floor, but willingly climbed back into a rat pouch to go home..


MRC Cup Show, 3rd October 2009
Unplaced in Adult Owned Buck Adult (Pet).

A little dubious about new people. Smells clean. Has a kink to the end of his tail. (JB)

YRC/MRC Joint 1* Show, Hallowe'en 31st October 2010
Unplaced in Pets

Another chunky boy. Dirty tail. Tail kink. Sleepy in tank, but very busy once out. Gorgeous face. Very black rat. Let himself back into tank. (CR)


Weight data on all our ratties


Tail kink.
25th January 2011 - Hard and enlarged testicle.
26th January 2011 - vet visit. Clavaseptin and Metacam, return if in pain, castrate if no improvement.
2nd February 2011 - Castrated. The enlarged testicle was 'bubbly' with red and yellow bits inside. Ty removed his stitches twice and lost a lot of blood, he didn't come round well from the third anaesthetic and died at 9.40 this evening. Sleep well little man.


A real live wire at home, suddenly shy when we took him to a show.

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