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Brandywine Trent


Nickname: None so far

Sire: Brandywine Tyburn

Dam: Brandywine Effra

Birth litter: Effra x Tyburn

Gender: Buck

Variety: Russian Blue Agouti

Known genetics: A/a D/- M/m rb/rb

Born:19th December 2009

Died: 14th March 2012

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Derwent, Apollo, Oscar, Dante, Nero, Lea, Moss, Amber, Tesla.

Matings: Brandywine Dart

About Trent

Trent was born in my fourth Brandywine litter, and was one of ten littermates, four girls and six boys.

Trent is named after the River Trent, a Derbyshire river, to celebrate my eldest's recent graduation from Derby University.


NERS Pet Initiative, Meldreth, 13th February 2010
Agility Best Relationship - 4th of 15 .
Buck 8 weeks to 6 months - unplaced of 9
Another youngster, who was a little more cautious than his buddy. Less interested in me. Nice condition but lacks preparation. (AC)

MRC Brigstock 1* Show, 7th August 2010
Unplaced of 6 in Russian Blue Agouti Adult.
Young. Scab on back of head. Better colour than 3504. Heathering less evident. Fair head and eye, good ears, fair type, good condition. (JO)

MRC Rescheduled Christmas Show, 9th January 2011
Unplaced of 6 in Russian Blue Agouti
Best Stud Buck

Good size and type for age. Good head. Fairly good eye and ear. Good belly. Too brown to sides. Lacking guard hairs. Nice colour to shoulders and rump. Good condition. (LC)

MRC February Show, 5th February 2011
2nd of 4 in Russian Blue Agouti
3rd of 6 in Best Russian Adult
3rd of 6 in Best Russian

Fair colour, rather light on flanks and back. Good blue undercoat. Good belly. Nice size and type. (NM)

NERS Meldreth Pet Initiative, 15th May 2011
Best buck aged 12 to 18 months

Tractability: A little resistance, not much - 4.5
Health: Perfect - 5
Condition: Lost his guard hairs but good weight. Little bag. 'Old buck fur'. Nice and muscular. 8
Preparation: Tail slightly scaley. - 4.5
Temperament: Rat on treadmill while handling, not particularly fussed by me at first but came round with some heavy scritching. - 5
Total: 27
Relationship: Owner oriented but still independent in his surroundings and likes to explore. - 5

Activities: Relationship - Really listening, but spooked by some obstacles. Relationship 4, Agility 12, Curiosity 7. (AC)

MRC Cup Show, 1st October 2011
The Ratty Bob award for 1st of 2 in Adult Owned Buck Veteran
3rd of 20 in Best Adult Owned Buck

Very alert in tank. Very active and inquisitive. Happy to be a shoulder rat. Very good condition for an older boy. Seems to enjoy cuddles but prefers exploring. Nice short claws but tail rather coarse. (AC)



Trent's Family Tree

Asbru Diggory
Asbru Kitty
Russian Blue Essex
Kropotkin Ludwig
Kropotkin Fatima
Asbru Diggory
Asbru Kitty
Russian Blue Essex
Kropotkin Ludwig
Kropotkin Fatima
Brandywine Sherbourne
Agouti Essex
+ Kropotkin Grace
Brandywine Sherbourne
Agouti Essex
+ Kropotkin Grace
Brandywine Tyburn
+ Brandywine Effra

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Weight data on all our ratties


10th December 2011 - Losing weight fairly steadily and looking old.
3rd January 2012 - Heat tilt. High dose Clavaseptin prescribed for 10 days.
4th February 2012 - The head tilt is finally going. I thought he was going to keep that!
14th March 2012 - We've had six weeks of ear infections and tilts on and off, tried Clavaseptin, Convenia, Tylan. He now looks like he has a permanent splitting headache, he's fluffed up and his ear is runny and smelly again, so I had him put to sleep.


Steady and loving rat. No problems.

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