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Brandywine Tornionjoki


Nickname: Torni

Sire: Alpha Centauri Barnaby

Dam: Brandywine Blythe

Birth litter: Blythe x Barnaby

Gender: Buck

Variety: Cinnamon Essex Rex

Known genetics: A/- D/d Hro/H m/m R/r Re/re

Born:17th January 2009

Died: 21st March 2011

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Aura, Janhi, Kala, Kiti, Meri, Simo, Kirk, Spock, Nancy Peanut, Aisla Robertha, Lister, Luigi and Scratty.

About Torni

Torni was born in my second Brandywine litter, and was one of fourteen littermates, eight boys and six girls. Torni is a growing up to be a steady and friendly little rat.

Torni and his siblings are named after rivers of Finland, in celebration of the Finnish ancestry of their sire, Barnaby. Torni is named after the Tornionjoki.


MRC Cup Show, 3rd October 2009 - 3rd of 4 in Rex. 4th of 13 in Stud Buck Challenge.
Fair head, ear and eye. Head spot evident. fair curl to coat and whiskers. Tail length OK. Hard to see graduation. (LO)


Weight data on all our ratties


22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
21st April 2010 - small lump on back. Could be a cyst but looks more like a small abscess.
24th November 2010 - Losing weight for a while. Now seems a little wheezy. Ronaxan.
12th December 2010 - Nasty L shaped cut to lower left eyelid, eyelid turned outwards and swollen cheek. Poor anaesthetic risk, so treated with Metacam, Baytril and Fucithalmic eye cream.
18th December 2010 - Eye much better, healing well. Complete course of Baytril.
16th January 2011 - Continuing to shrink over the past 6 months or so. He's not so much skinny as getting smaller and smaller.
21st March 2011 - Now under 300 grams and using all his energy to breathe. Euthanised. x


Sweet little boy. Enjoys cuddles.

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