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Brandywine Spock


Sire: Alpha Centauri Barnaby

Dam: Brandywine Blythe

Birth litter: Blythe x Barnaby

Gender: Buck

Variety: Agouti Rex

Known genetics: A/- D/d M/- R/r Re/re

Born:17th January 2009

Died: 20th June 2011

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Aura, Jahni, Kala, Kiti, Meri, Simo, Tornion, Kirk, Nancy Peanut, Aisla Robertha, Lister, Luigi and Scratty.

About Spock

Spock was born in my second Brandywine litter, and was one of fourteen littermates, eight boys and six girls. Spock lived with his brother Kirk in Derby with my son until he was 16 months old, but has now returned to live here at Ratty Corner. He visited regularly before then, hence the photos and weights throughout his life. Spock's a cheeky little chap who likes getting into mischief, and is the dominant rat of the pair.



Weight data on all our ratties


22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
26th May 2010 - Neck abscess
28th May 2010 - Synulox for absess
3rd June 2010 - abscess drained.
15th June 2010 - Neutered so he and his brother can eventually live with girls.
15th March 2011 - Signs of hind leg weakness
18th June 2011 - Looking poorly, smells wrong - possible ear infection. Rapid weight loss.
20th June 2011 - Off his legs, very poorly. Put to sleep.


A little hormonal around 8 months.

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