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Brandywine Lily


Sire: Brandywine Tyburn

Dam: Brandywine Wandle

Birth litter: Wandle x Tyburn

Gender: Doe

Variety: Mink

Known genetics: a/a m/m

Born: 20th December 2009


Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Amelie, Domino, Juno, Nero, Busby, Mercury, Toulouse, Bede, Tilly, Mog, Mitzy, Rory.

About Lily

Lily was born in my fifth Brandywine litter, and was one of thirteen littermates. She doesn't usually live at Ratty Corner, but is visiting her family during April 2010 while she waits for two new cagemates to complete quarantine at their breeder's house.

Holiday Diary

2nd April 2010

The hammock site I was talking about is Betty's Beds, and the rat food site is Rat Rations.

This is Lily meeting her three half-sisters Moss, Lea and Amber again. They seemed to remember one another.

Later in the evening they came out to play, and then moved into a bigger cage with plenty to do. Jet has also moved in with them, as he was being bullied by Maisy in his previous group. He accepted Lily straight away, hardly seeming to notice there was an extra small person. Although he still bites people, he seems to have learnt to get along with other rats.

3rd April 2010

Lily seems quite at home now, and came back to the cage with everyone else when I called them home. She's explored some of the room, although she hasn't been down on the floor yet. She's also remembered how to use the wheel in the cage, and has put in a few miles. There's a spare wheel here which she can take home with her if that's OK.

7th April 2010

Lily's really settled in, and is brainwashing us nicely into getting her out of the cage every time we go past. She's being a total little sweetheart.

9th April 2010

Lily helped me clean out the cage this evening, sitting on my arm while I changed the litter and hammocks. I got it done in twice the time with my little helper!

15th April 2010

It was light enough this evening to video Lily while she was out playing with her sisters. She's a real little livewire, but keeps coming back to check in with me too.

23rd April 2010

Lily's new friends are here. HUGE thanks to Swiftvalley Stud for letting us have these girls. I intended to put them in with Lily and her sisters and Jet, but Jet got himself all worked up about it so they're now in a separate cage with Lily. The first girl is a little larger than Lily, very very pale blue and white with a blaze, probably half squirrel, and the second is chinchilla with a headspot and is a tiny little lass of about 10 weeks old. Check out the varieties list at Hawthorn Rats for a description of the varieties.

The two new girls are completely overwhelmed at the moment, as they didn't know one another before this evening, and now they've been brought to a new place, introduced to lots of new rats and beaten up by Jet. Lily of course is totally unfazed by it all.

24th April 2010

A.M. The girls seem to be getting along well. Lily climbed up to say hello to her sisters in the cage above when I opened their door. The littlest girl has worked out how to walk on the wheel, although she's not brave enough to try running yet. Looking at the bigger girl again, she's more around the same size as Lily rather than bigger. She's got a cut on her tum from the upset with Jet last night, but it doesn't seem to be worrying her. I'm really sorry about that! He accepted Lily so easily I assumed these two would be the same.

They've been out for a cuddle this morning in the rat pouch. Big girl was fairly brave and followed Lily out of the pouch, but little girl was scared and stayed in the bottom of the bag. I'm sure they'll soon start following Lily's lead, she'll give them confidence that it's alright. I'm really proud of Lily - she's been through so many changes and she just takes it in her stride.

P.M. The new girls were wary of coming out of the cage, so while Lily was bouncing around the room they came into the rat pouch again for a cuddle.

25th April 2010

The rats all had kale with salmon oil as dressing for breakfast. Yum! The newcomers seemed to enjoy it, Lily already knows she likes it. The gorgeous squirrel girl is getting more adventurous now, the little one is still hiding from me where possible. I have no idea what their names were before, or what they're going to be, but I've been calling them 'gorgeous' and 'little bean'.

27th April 2010

A.M. The three girls have settled well together; they were all cuddled up together in the Sputnik this morning. Little bean and gorgeous girl will come onto my hand voluntarily, but zip off again if I move or if anyone makes a noise. They're not too hard to pick up though, and will stay in the rat pouch quite nicely. I think they'd better take the pouch home with them when they go.


1st May 2010

Lily and her new friends have gone home now. Gorgeous girl is now called Anna, and little bean is Ruby. I'm sure they will be loved to bits and will be wonderful little pets.

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