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Brandywine Kirk


Sire: Alpha Centauri Barnaby

Dam: Brandywine Blythe

Birth litter: Blythe x Barnaby

Gender: Buck

Variety: Cinnamon Essex Rex

Known genetics: A/- D/d Hro/H m/m R/r Re/re

Born:17th January 2009

Died: 6th November 2010

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Aura, Jahni, Kala, Kiti, Spock, Meri, Simo, Tornion, Nancy Peanut, Aisla Robertha, Lister, Luigi and Scratty.

About Kirk

Kirk was born in my second Brandywine litter, and was one of fourteen littermates, eight boys and six girls. He lived with his brother Spock in Derby with my son until he was 16 months old when he returned to live here at Ratty Corner, although he visited regularly before then. He is named Kirk because he has a Star Trek symbol on his forehead. Kirk is a steady and affectionate little man.


Weight data on all our ratties


22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
15th June 2010 - Neutered so he and his brother can eventually live with girls.
19th June 2010 - Peritonitis - bad reaction to sutures within his abdomen - was fine at post op check on 17th. Op to remove inflamed and infected tissue. Given Synulox injection.
20th June 2010 - Looking much, much better and eating again. You would not believe how relieved I am! Repeat Synulox jab.
15th September 2010 - Fine last night, looking poorly this morning. Not eating, rattly chest. Vet gave Marbocyl jab this evening, another booked for Friday morning.
25th October 2010 - Chest sounds clear, but still looks old and frail. Slowly losing weight.
1st November 2010 - Very wheezy. Started on Marbocyl.
5th November 2010 - Still poorly. Switched to Convenia.
6th November 2010 - Running round panicking because he can't breathe. Poor baby. PTS.

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