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Brandywine Effra


Nickname: Effie

Sire: Brandywine Sherbourne

Dam: Kropotkin Grace

Birth litter: Grace x Sherbourne

Gender: Doe

Variety: Agouti

Known genetics: A/a D/d M/m Rb/rb

Born:1st June 2009

Died: 5th June 2011

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Thames, Brent, Ravensbourne, Tyburn, Moselle, Wandle.

Matings: x Brandywine Tyburn
x Brandywine Ravensbourne

About Effra

Effra was born in my third Brandywine litter, and was one of seven littermates, four boys and three girls. Effie is a lovely little lady who will sit still in my hand for a bit of fuss, and enjoys chasing my hand in circles too.

Effra is named after the River Effra. She and her siblings are named after rivers of London, to celebrate the fact that their mother Grace came from a rattery in London.


MRC Cup Show, 3rd October 2009 - 3rd of 4 in agouti.
Fair head. Good ear & eye. Dark dorsal stripe. Tail length OK. Lacking mahogany colour. (LO)


Weight data on all our ratties


3rd March 2010 - Abscess in corner of mouth. Drained and flushed under anaesthetic. No tooth problems - looked like a bite abscess.
7th October 2010 - Slight wheeze, laboured breathing. Marbocyl.
14th October 2010 - Chest clear.
29th May 2011 - Wheezes again. Single dose of Convenia, then ongoing Ronaxan.
5th June 2011 - Severe respiratory distress. Put to sleep. x


Extremely confident and in your face. Also up your sleeve and in your ear.

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