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Shunamite Ambrose


Nickname: Bobo, Ambo, Bo

Sire: Nezumi Return Ticket (black dumbo)

Dam: Rivendell Boogie Woogie Flu (agouti)

Gender: Buck

Variety: Agouti

Known genetics: A/a Du/du

Born: 22nd September 2009

Died: 14th April 2012

Origin: Shunamite Rats (litter mark = blue bum spot)

Matings: Brandywine Dart

Litter Mates: Aloysius.

About Ambrose

Ambrose and his brother, Aloysius, are two confident and shiny agouti bucks. They came in to help me begin a parallel line, to eventually cross into my established line. Following Aloysius' castration due to continuing hormonal behaviour and bullying in the cage, we expected Ambrose to take over and have problems in turn. Thankfully, although Ambrose did take on the alpha position, he seemed to be making a good job of it so far and the cage was calmer and more harmonious than it had been for months.

Following a break down in the relationships within the cage, I eventually moved Ambrose and Aloysius into their own cage, where they remain much happier and more settled than in the larger group.


NERS Pet Initiative, Meldreth, 13th February 2010 - Buck 8 weeks to 6 months - unplaced of 9. Little tense at first but relaxed and sat happily with me for a little while. Explorative, but eventually decided the tank was where he wanted to e. Nice body condition, coat a little long, probably about to moult. Needs more preparation. (AC)

MRC Rescheduled Christmas Show, 9th January 2011
3rd of 4 in Agouti
3rd of 4 in Best AOV Adult
4th of 5 in Best AOV

Slender build for a buck. Good head. Fairly good eye and ear. Good belly. Top colour too orange and patchy. (LC)

NERS Meldreth Pet Initiative, 15th May 2011
Second best buck aged over 18 months

Tractability: Slight tension but happy being handled. - 4.5
Health: Perfect - 5
Condition: Coat quite coarse and quite a few long hairs. Tail lovely and round at the base but squares towards the middle. Muscular and fit rat. 8.5
Preparation: Claws all done but tail a little dirty. - 4
Temperament: Likes exploring and is a confident boy. Licky and affectionate. Nice lad. - 6
Total: 28
Relationship: Really loves his mum, but not in a needy way. - 7

3rd place in Agility Challenge.

Relationship: Really trying to please. Nice partnership. Relationship 4.5, Agility 13, Curiosity 8. (AC)



Weight data on all our ratties


20th April 2011 - Weight loss. Still alpha? Doesn't look too thin yet.
2nd August 2011 - Still looks too skinny to me. Moved into a smaller apartment with his brother Al, and seems to be doing better in there. Starting to look a little old.
14th August 2011 - Looking much better, happy, fit and healthy and at a nice weight now, 3 weeks after splitting him and his brother off from their group.
8th November 2011 - Hind leg weakness and loss of muscle tone, but still getting around the cage OK.
Saturday 31st March 2013 - On daily Metacam for what feels like months. No movement in his back legs any more, but he still seems fairly happy with life and is pulling himself around the cage.
Saturday 14th April 2012 - Lost the use of his front legs, his eyesight, and began making repetitive head movements, all within 24 hours. Put to sleep. x


Licky and affectionate to hands, but not so safe with noses and lips. I wish I knew what was going on in his head!
18th October 2010 - Ambrose and Aloysius have both been showing signs of hormonal aggression for a couple of weeks. They're getting very fluffed up when they come out of the cage and are picking fights with their cagemates during freerange. There is much less aggression inside the cage. I've moved their freerange time to first group out and threatened them with nadectomy if they don't behave.
8th November 2010 - Much better now, seems to have got over the fooffy phase.
22nd March 2011 - Now the alpha rat following his brother's castration. Handling it much better than expected!
13th June 2011 - Bo moved on from nipping my nose and lips to nipping my face, and now will go for any part of me he can reach. Getting to be very annoying.
2nd August 2011 - Easier to handle now he's in a group of two.
14th August 2011 - Almost a different rat, much less stressed and happier in himself.

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