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Shunamite Aloysius


Nickname: Al

Sire: Nezumi Return Ticket (black dumbo)

Dam: Rivendell Boogie Woogie Flu (agouti)

Gender: Buck

Variety: Agouti

Known genetics: A/a Du/du

Born: 22nd September 2009

Died: 14th May 2012

Origin: Shunamite Rats (litter mark = red bum spot)

Litter Mates: Ambrose.

About Aloysius

Aloysius and his brother, Ambrose, are two confident and shiny agouti bucks. They came in to help me begin a parallel line, to eventually cross into my established line. Following Aloysius' castration due to continuing hormonal behaviour and bullying in the cage, we expected Ambrose to take over and have problems in turn. Thankfully, although Ambrose did take on the alpha position, he seemed to be making a good job of it so far and the cage was calmer and more harmonious than it had been for months.

Following a break down in the relationships within the cage, I eventually moved Ambrose and Aloysius into their own cage, where they remain much happier and more settled than in the larger group.


NERS Pet Initiative, Meldreth, 13th February 2010 - Buck 8 weeks to 6 months - 6th of 9, . A little edgy at times when approached in the tank, but very happy to be out and exploring. Interactive and happy rat. Settled for periods but not wanting to cuddle for long. Lovely condition and fitness. Needs more preparation. (AC)

MRC Rescheduled Christmas Show, 9th January 2011
2nd of 4 in Agouti
2nd of 4 in Best AOV Adult
2nd of 5 in Best AOV

Fairly good size and type. Slender for a buck. Fairly good head, eye and ear. Good belly. Patchy top colour. Too orange in places. (LC)

NERS Meldreth Pet Initiative, 15th May 2011
7th best buck aged over 18 months

Tractability: Slight tension, not entirely happy. - 3
Health: Perfect - 5
Condition: Nice and soft but quite a lot of long hairs on rump. Nice and muscular. Good weight. Tail slightly square. 9
Preparation: Few stains and loose scales on the tail but otherwise well prepared. - 4.5
Temperament: Not keen on me, and slightly nervous today. - 3
Total: 24.5
Relationship: Loves his owner and very happy and settled with her. - 6

Joint 2nd place in Curiosity Challenge.

Relationship: Listening, but spooked by some obstacles. Relationship 3.5, Agility 11, Curiosity 11. (AC)



Weight data on all our ratties


5th March 2011 - Abscessing on neuter site. Started on Clavaseptin.
7th March 2011 - Vet visit as Al has excavated the abscesses. Remainder of stitches removed by vet. Continue Clavaseptin and return on 10th, or sooner if looking ill.
14th March 2011 - After a week of twice daily antibiotics and wound powder, the holes are almost closed and I feel he's going to be just fine.
24th March 2011 - Al seems to be growing a new abscess. :-(
20th April 2011 - All healed up and good. Slight weight loss, looking just a little thin.
14th August 2011 - Looking happy, fit and healthy and at a nice weight now, 3 weeks after splitting him and his brother off from their group.
Thursday 25th August 2011 - I think he's dislocated his right hip. No pain or swelling, but completely off the foot and the hip looks odd. Vets in the morning!
Friday 26th August 2011 - He stayed at the vet for an xray, and has a hairline fracture near the hip joint. Metacam rules!
Tuesday 8th November 2011 - Aging, but mostly OK. The bad leg plays up occasionally though and needs a few day of Metacam. Cataract in his right eye.
Saturday 31st March 2012 - legs becoming quite weak, but still plodding around fairly well. Now on daily Metacam.
Sunday 13th May 2012 - Al's struggling lately. I think I'm going to have to let him go very soon.
Monday 14th May 2012 - Put to sleep. He can hardly move, his breathing's laboured and his appetite's gone, and he just looked so, so tired. Sleep tight, little man. x


Brave and outgoing. Very friendly.
18th October 2010 - Ambrose and Aloysius have both been showing signs of hormonal aggression for a couple of weeks. They're getting very fluffed up when they come out of the cage and are picking fights with their cagemates during freerange. There is much less aggression inside the cage. I've moved their freerange time to first group out and threatened them with nadectomy if they don't behave.
8th November 2010 - Mostly calm again now, just the odd fooffy session.
28th February 2011 - Neutered as still regularly having hormonal issues.
22nd July 2011 - Getting very worried about Al. He's getting picked on a lot and has large tufts of missing fur. He's very obviously stressed and unhappy. I think I might see if he'll go in with a group of girls.
Well that was a failure. Obviously girls don't do it for him. Having watched him, he's actually initiating a lot of the fights by nipping other rats. I've split him and his brother off into another cage, and so far both groups seem happier than before. Long may it last!

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