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Nickname: Lulu

Gender: Buck

Variety: Blue Rex Dumbo

Known genetics: a/a d/d du/du Re/re

Born: March 2008

Died: 30th May 2010

Origin: Rehome

Health: Light for his age when he arrived, but bulking up nicely, very muscular for a neutered male.
20th April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
16th February 2010 - getting very skinny but not looking ill.
7th April 2010 - beginning to fall sideways off his back legs every now and then. Very slightly unsteady.
15th April 2010 - we've discovered he loves Nutrical, so he's having a hefty dose every day. It's the only extra I can get him to eat. Hopefully we can slow down his weight loss.
30th May 2010 - RIP Luey. Luey got progressively thinner and more wobbly on his legs, then succumbed very quickly to a respiratory infection. Loved you lots, Luey.

Temperament: Neutered for aggression to previous cagemate. Living with does but sometimes over dominant. Very nervous of other bucks - tendency to attack when unsure. Easy to handle with me but not sure of others on occasion.

About Luey

Luey came to live at Ratty Corner on 13th October 2008. He became aggressive to his brother in his previous home, and despite Luey being neutered they would not accept one another back as cagemates.

Luey now lives with a group of girls. He is nervous of new rats and very difficult to introduce to others without him injuring them. He hasn't quite worked out that he's been neutered so very busy with his wives, which is probably why he's looking so fit. He's settled in a lot and will now come when called and let me pet him.

November 2009 - Luey is part of the team now; you wouldn't know that he ever had problems. His one oddity now is a habit of drinking from the far side of the water bowl, which not only gets his feet wet but also stops anyone else drinking at the same time.


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