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Huey and Luey

Visitors in September 2008

These are two boys who were not getting on too well at home. Came here for their holidays and all hell broke loose. I had to separate them before big bro killed his little bro. There'd probably been a lot of intimidation going on for a long while, as one of them is half as big again as the other, but coming here with all the different smells was the final straw.

Having called their mum, big bro is being neutered while he's here, and I'm spending half an hour morning and evening making sure they don't forget one another and letting little bro regain his confidence with big bro. It's not quick. At first he was crying as soon as he smelt his brother. Then only when his brother touched him. Now he's actually managed to step off my arm for a short while with big bro nearby.

Just to complicate matters, big bro has managed to snag his toe, so set off for his neutering this morning in a carrier covered in blood. I've asked the vet to check for clotting problems before they operate, as it didn't seem to be stopping that well and he's a British blue. I don't know his origins though.

Update - He's fine. No bleeding problems. I am such a worry guts!

Luey and Huey never did go back together again as the process was too slow and stressful for their mum, so Luey ended up coming back to live here with a group of girls.

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