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Kropotkin Grace


Gender: Doe

Variety: Mink

Known genetics: a/a m/m

Born: 3rd July 2008

Died: 8th July 2011

Origin: Kropotkin

Litter Mates: Chloe

Matings: x Brandywine Sherbourne

20th April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
29th July 2010 - tiny mammary lump. Very visible position, so I'll notice if it starts growing.
25th August 2010 - lump removal. Still very small but growing, so better to remove it while it's a simple small op.
26th December 2010 - blood blister on toe.
27th December 2010 - necrotic skin on toe. Broken skin, so used wound powder. Vets asap.
29th December 2010 - Clavaseptin and Metacam prescribed this morning. Noticed this evening that her teeth are broken and pointing all over the place. Back to vets tomorrow.
30th December 2010 - The top right incisor is missing, the bottom right was overgrown and split down its length. All now trimmed, but will need watching.
5th January 2011 - Bone showing on toe. Amputated. Continue Clavaseptin and Metacam.
12th January 2011 - Toe slightly swollen but good. Teeth to be trimmed in 1 week.
19th January 2011 - Teeth trimmed. 3 week repeat seems about right.
8th February 2011 - Teeth trimmed.
25th February 2011 - Teeth trimmed.
16th March 2011 - Teeth trimmed. A new tooth is peeping through at the top.
30th March 2011 - Teeth trimmed. Needed sooner than usual for some reason.
12th April 2011 - Back feet knuckling under, legs progressively weaker.
15th April 2011 - Teeth trimmed.
4th May 2011 - Teeth trimmed.
17th May 2011 - Ivermectin for lice.
23rd May 2011 - Teeth trimmed. Mammary lump.
7th June 2011 - Cataract in her right eye. Left eye looks OK. Still busy and happy.
9th June 2011 - Teeth trimmed.
24th June 2011 - Teeth trimmed.
8th July 2011 - Breathing laboured, off her legs and lost her appetite. After asking the vet for an objective opinion, and having had a long discussion, I made the decision to let her go and have her put to sleep.

Temperament: A lovely friendly steady doe. Likes to be inside my t-shirt with her needle-like claws.

About Grace

Grace was originally going to be called Daphne to follow my Greek theme, but no-one seemed to like the name much. So we thought maybe Ariadne? Then that night I dreamt that her name was Grace.

Grace is a truly friendly little girl, willing to sit still for a short time for a cuddle but much preferring to be sitting on your shoulder grooming your ear. I really love this little rat. The perfect temperament.

April 2011 - Gracie has proved to be a wonderful ratty all the way through her life. She is about to become a great, great granny at 34 months of age, and I'm hoping she will continue to stay with us for a good while yet.


MRC Cup Show, 4th October 2008 - 1st of 1 in AOC self adult class, rosette for varieties kidnapped award
Nice colour if a bit silvered. Small kink in tail. Quite small rat but in proportion. Nice type, very friendly! (AS)

NFRS Meldreth Show, 8th November 2008 - 1st of 1 in AOC self adult class**, Best Self of 3, Winner of pea fishing competition (8 peas!)
White undercoat, but colour even, therefore silver appearance, very good condition, tail thick, and only just long enough. Well shaped ears. Good eyes. Good head. (SAS)

MRC Christmas Show, Brigstock, 6th December 2008 - 2nd in AOC adult class
Nice colour. Rather silvered. Fair feet. Good eyes and ears. Good type and size. Very slight kink to end of tail - not serious. ?injury. (NM)


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Family Tree of Kropotkin Grace

Kropotkin Tarquin
Darkstar Cynthia
Cinnamon Pearl
Kropotkin Alpha
Amicus Cleo
Kropotkin Alpha
Amicus Cleo
Kropotkin Marmaduke
Cinnamon Pearl
Darkstar Andromeda
Kropotkin Sackbut
+ Kropotkin Marcasite
Kropotkin Marvell
+ Kropotkin Luna
Kropotkin Ludwig
+ Kropotkin Fatima
Kropotkin Grace

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