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Previous Name: Jet

Gender: Buck

Variety: Black Berkshire Rex Dumbo

Born: late 2008

Died: 11th April 2011

Origin: Rehome

29th November 2009 - Ivermectin just in case.
2nd December 2009 - Neutered.
4th December 2009 - Post op checkup. All OK.
11th December 2009 - Sore patches on his flanks from scratching his flank glands too much while scent marking his new world. Hopefully they'll heal when he calms down.
4th May 2010 - Sounding a little wheezy. Will see if it continues.
25th October 2010 - Chronic wheezes. Don't seem to respond to abs but also don't seem to bother him at all.
24th November 2010 - Rattly chest. Ronaxan.
22nd March 2011 - The wheezing is quieter if anything. Dobby is skinny but mostly healthy.
11th April 2011 - Off his legs, not eating and seemed in distress. PTS.

Temperament: Much improved. See below.

About Dobby

A rat named Jet was advertised locally on the Preloved website, and came to live at Ratty Corner on 29th November 2009 at around one year old. He had lived alone for a while, and needed some time spending with him as he had a habit of biting with little warning.

Jet was neutered, and gave me a few quite nasty bites. He struggled with integration into a group of rats, as his social skills were very poor and he didn't seem to know how to react to other rats. He and I eventually reached a standoff, where I didn't try to touch him and he didn't bite me, and we eventually found a group of girls who would accept him.

Jet was renamed 'Dobby' by my daughter at a fairly late stage in his life, although his resemblance to a house elf escapes me. I would probably have gone for 'Smeagol'. He is a very strange looking little rat, bless him, more so as he ages and loses hair.

As he approached 2 years old Dobby became increasingly interested in the relationship I have with his cagemates. He looked as if he wanted to join in, but didn't quite know how. Any advances from me were met with a nip, so I let him get on with it. It wasn't until 24th November 2010, almost a year since he arrived, that he actually allowed me to approach him without warning me off. He has since taken to climbing on to the back of my neck and sitting under my hair, which is a very warming experience - particularly given his lack of insulation and the slightly high body temperature (around 38°) of rats!

At two years and three months, Dobby is unrecognisable as the stroppy rat who used to chomp my hands. He will let me pick him up and love him with no objection at all. I love my Dobbs xxx.


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