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Alpha Centauri Bramwell Brown

Bramwell Brown

Gender: Buck

Variety: Agouti

Known genetics: A/- M/m R/r

Born: 22nd February 2008

Died: 16th October 2009

Origin: Alpha Centauri Rats

Litter Mates: Barnaby (13 in litter, agouti and topaz)

Health: 26th June 2008 - Ivermectin for scabs.
8th Oct 2008 - Slightly wheezy. Vets appt tomorrow.
9th Oct 2008 - Injection of Convenia, 0.07ml. Return in one week if no improvement.
20th Oct 2008 - No further problems.
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
15th October 2009 - nasty cut under eye.
16th October 2009 - died after anaesthetic.

Temperament: Cheeky boy. Hides when it's time to go home. Easy to handle when he feels like it.
August 2008 - Hormonal stage - getting wet scent gland areas. Not too bad. Fooffy and hard to catch on occasion, but has only given warning mouthings.
Sept 2008 - Got over the fooffiness. Tolerates me quite well. Not exactly a people rat, but that might change as he gets older.
March 2009 - Nice steady boy. Still not cuddly, but no problem to handle.

About Bramwell Brown

Bramwell is always on the go. He doesn't have time to be held and be fussed about, he's got stuff to do. A perfect gentleman and never causes any problems apart from the occasional minor scrap with his brother. A gorgeous hunk of a rat.


MRC Christmas Show, Brigstock, 6th December 2008 - 4th of 6 in adult agouti class
Fair colour, rather dark in patches. Rather light belly. Fair feet. Nice eyes. Good size and type. (NM)


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