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Brandywine Blythe


Sire: Asbru Diggory

Dam: Asbru Kitty

Birth litter: Kitty x Diggory

Gender: Doe

Variety: British Blue Agouti Essex

Known genetics: A/a d/d Hro/H M/m Rb/rb

Born:25th July 2008

Died: 27th October 2010

Origin: Brandywine Rats

Litter Mates: Arrow, Avon, Swift, Cole, Sherbourne, Poetic Justice, Kindred Spirit, Arwen, Galadriel, Waffle and Smartie.

Health: 6th Oct 2008 - Mites. Spot On.
13th Oct 2008 - 2nd application of Spot On.
20th Oct 2008 - Final application of Spot on.
6th Mar 2009 - Cut on cheek due to fight with Luey.
7th Mar 2009 - Swelling to cheek. Baytril.
8th Mar 2009 - Poss head tilt.
10th Mar 2009 - Vet visit. No ear infection. Tilt poss due to nerve damage. Baytril & Metacam as precaution.
20th April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites. Very slight head tilt remaining. Almost unnoticeable.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
19th August 2009 - Looks like a bite on her neck. Keep an eye on in case it's mites.
23rd August 2009 - Ivermectin. Repeat 1/9/09 & 11/9/09.
15th March 2010 - Bleeding from vulva. Started on Clavaseptin. Likes it mixed with mayonnaise.
16th March 2010 - No bleeding. Vet visit - keep on Clavaseptin and will spey if bleeding continues.
20th March 2010 - Bleeding again. Will spey next week.
23rd March 2010 - Speyed. No pus, but uterus was inflamed. Blythe looked very ropy when we got home, even chocolate didn't work. Warm 'Dr Squiggles' with sugar did the trick.
23rd August 2010 - Losing weight and starting to get wobbly on her back legs, emphasised by her old head tilt.
7th September 2010 - Lump on chin. Vet thinks it's a tumour rather than an abscess. Unattached and just under skin. Op tomorrow.
10th September 2010 - Post op check. Site swollen but doing well. Lump was a nasty looking tumour; vet thinks all removed.
18th October 2010 - Poor coordination, one eye slightly larger but no other symptoms. Eating OK but losing weight. Possible PT?
26th October 2010 - Pts with suspected brain tumour.

Temperament: Friendly, exploratory. Calm and bold girl.

Matings: x Alpha Centauri Barnaby

About Blythe

Blythe was born in my first Brandywine litter, and her colour was a lovely surprise. We expecting to have agouti rats, maybe black, in Essex and unmarked. Blythe and one of her brothers showed that both parents carried British blue from several generations back, giving us two blue agouti Essex babies. Blue agouti is gorgeous in Essex, with the dilution and fading giving a lovely effect. With the sheen on her fur and the blue agouti blend, Blythe's colour puts me in mind of those smooth flecked grey beach pebbles shining through the shallow water.

Blythe had a litter of 14 in January 2009, and coped very well with the experience, although she looked worn and out of condition during their second week. She has recovered nicely, is back in condition and is at a nice weight.

Blythe is named after the River Blythe, a tributary flowing into the Tame. The name means carefree, joyous. She is a cheeky and bold little girl who is frequently the first into mischief. She's lovely and tame, and likes investigating my hair. All being well, Blythe is my first choice of the three sisters for breeding.


NFRS Meldreth Show, 8th November 2008 - 2nd of 2 in adult Essex class, Novice award 2nd of 11.
Good ears. Colour gradation good. Fair head, good eyes, tail shortish. Fairly good headspot. (SAS)

MRC Christmas Show, Brigstock, 6th December 2008 - 3rd of 3 in Essex adult class
RB agouti. Good colour. Shades nicely to belly. Good belly colour. Good head spot. Good feet. Nice bold eyes and ears. Nice solid tail, although grubby! Good size & type. (NM)


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