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Alpha Centauri Barnaby


Nickname: Barny

Gender: Buck

Variety: Topaz Rex

Known genetics: A/A M/m r/r Re/re

Born: 22nd February 2008

Died: 15th March 2010

Origin: Alpha Centauri Rats

Litter Mates: Bramwell Brown (13 in litter, agouti and topaz)

Health: 30th May 2008 - Rattly URI. Injection of Convenia. Return in five days.
2nd June 2008 - Breathing silent. Looks like it worked.
4th June 2008 - Second injection just in case. No need to return unless he gets rattly again.
26th June 2008 - Ivermectin/Spot On for mite scabs.
3rd Dec 2008 - Pulled nail, right front foot. Blood in the cage, but seems fine.
28th March 2008 - Under the weather. Looks like he's lost some weight.
30th March 2008 - Eating again; bossing his minions about again. Square tail atm. Had lost 45g over the four days since he was weighed last!
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
5th October 2009 - Swollen abdomen. Very hard to the touch. Vet tomorrow.
6th October 2009 - Satsuma sized abscess removed. Barny is now 100g lighter and I'm about £140 lighter.
3rd November 2009 - Bare patches on the back of his neck - looks like barbering.
5th December 2009 - Neck abscess.
8th December 2009 - Abscess burst. Cream cheese.
11th December 2009 - Drained really nicely, large opening and healing very well.
22nd December 2009 - Gaining weight very quickly. Vet confirmed he's just getting fat.
23rd December 2009 - Ivermectin for scabs.
27th February 2010 - Looks bloated and unhappy.
4th March 2010 - Whatever it was, he's looking better than he did.br /> 8th March 2010 - Swollen face and blood in mouth. On soft food.
9th March 2010 - Cheek abscess. Opened and flushed. Synulox. Vet gives 50% chance of recovery. Return in 3 days if no problems.
12th March 2010 - Abscess slightly better, face swollen. Very lethargic. Walnut sized mass in abdomen. Add in Metacam. Pts Monday if no better.
13th March 2010 - Lost use of hands. Not really looking any better.
15th March 2010 - Put to sleep. Goodbye my big ginger snuggle.

Temperament: Stolid, friendly little man. Comes when he's called. Real sweetie.
August 2008 - Occasionally hormonal. Still a sweetheart. Has to have a scritch at breakfast time before he eats.
Sept 2008 - Settled down more, got over his 'teenage' period. Lovely friendly boy.
March 2009 - Very much the alpha now. Struggling to accept his sons moving in with him and his brother, but not injuring anyone. Needs 5 minutes cuddle time to calm down after free-ranging before he's safe to put in with the others. Absolutely no problem with handling him, accepts me as dominant.
April 2009 - Barnaby was ill for just one weekend, but Bramwell staged a coup and now seems to be top rat.

Matings: mated 25/12/08 to Brandywine Blythe

About Barnaby

Barnaby is a lovely lad. He always comes for a fuss at breakfast time, putting his head in my hand for a scritch and occasionally grooming me back. I wouldn't call him laid back as he's rarely still enough for that, but he's steady and solid and friendly. A gorgeous handsome hunk of a rat. Barnaby and his brother, Bramwell, were incredibly closely matched, but Barny held top spot until he was ill for a few days, when Bramwell seized his chance and took over.

The image on the right really puts me in mind of Barny. I'd love to know where it originated.

October 11th 2009 - I had written that "Barnaby holds himself differently to most of my rats, he keeps his back more arched and is less of a barrel shape than most bucks". We may have found the reason. One evening last week I noticed that Barnaby had a very bloated abdomen, so next morning I took him to the vets before work. The vet managed to draw a syringe full of pus from the lump, and admitted him for removal that day. When I picked up Barny, I was told that they had removed a 100g abscess! That's a seventh of his body weight!

Looking back at his weight chart, he had a blip about six months ago when his weight dropped and then started to rise. The vet agreed that it had probably taken several months for Barny to make enough white blood cells to fill the abscess, but there was no obvious cause of the abscess so it remains a mystery as to what was going on.

October 28th 2009 - I removed Barnaby and his brother from their cage group due to fighting between his brother and his sons, and the fact that his brother Bramwell had been injured. Bramwell then died following surgery, but I failed to re-introduce Barnaby to the cage group, so Barny has been neutered which will allow him to go in with a group of girls.

November 2009 - Can't remember when exactly, but Barny is now settled in with a group of girls.

4th February 2010 - Barny is now living with just Phoebe. They aren't the most compatible of couples, but they rattle along OK most of the time.


MRC Christmas Show, Brigstock, 6th December 2008 - 2nd of 3 in rex adult class
Very good rexing, including to belly. Good depth of colour, including nice under colour. Nice belly. Nice broad skull. Slightly small eyes but good ears. Excellent size & type but very dirty tail. Sore toe. Better show prep required as this spoils an otherwise lovely rat. (NM)


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