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Valhalla Rosie May


Gender: doe

Variety: agouti variegated

Born: May 2007

Died: 20th August 2009

Origin: Valhalla Rats

Litter Mates: Megan

Health: Some stressy warbling during intros at around 3 months old. Fine once I gave them a break.
8th July 2008 - Lump under neck. Possibly abscess?
9th July 2008 - Vet visit. Lump is probably mammary. Removal tomorrow.
10th July 2008 - Abscess drained - too deep in neck to remove entirely. Return on Tuesday for post op appt. Metacam .1ml, Convenia .1ml.
15th July 2008 - Flush abscess and repeat Convenia injection. Return on Friday.
19th July 2008 - Flush abscess, remove necrotic tissue. Draining well. Convenia injection. Return on Tuesday.
22nd July 2008 - All clear, healing nicely.
29th Nov 2008 - Another neck abscess.
1st Dec 2008 - Booked into vets tomorrow. Planning to get the abscess tested.
3rd Dec 2008 - Abscess removed. Swab taken.
5th Dec 2008 - Post op checkup & a/b jab.
8th Dec 2008 - a/b jab.
22nd Jan 2009 - Another neck abscess. Bathing and Baytril - works as well as anything else does.
27th Jan 2009 - Abscess burst.
5th April 2009 - Lump below left ear.
7th April 2009 - Lump is growing. Another abscess or a tumour? Neither is good in an ear.
10th April 2009 - suddenly got much bigger. Vet opened and flushed.
19th April 2009 - Swollen eye. Suspected SDA.
20th April 2009 - Eye looking better. Lost a little weight but otherwise fine. On Clavaseptin.
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
12th June 2009 - Neck abscess.
18th June 2009 - Abscess gone, neat round hole.
31st July 2009 - Losing weight. Breathing silent but laboured. Started on Baytril.
5th August 2009 - Lost a frightening amount of weight. Looking bright eyed. Back legs very weak.
12th August 2009 - Stopped losing weight, small appetite. Back legs weak, but otherwise a bright eyed walking skeleton.
16th August 2009 - Shrinking again, down to 348 grams. She was up at 655 grams at one time and has always been a strapping lass. Horrible to see this. Will take hold of food, but has lost the urge to eat it. Drinking well and still looking bright eyed.
19th August 2009 - She's a bag of bones held together by skin. Still doesn't seem at all ready to check out. I hate this bit.
20th August 2009 - Died on my lap. Goodbye little Rosie. x

Temperament: Alpha doe. Usually wriggly and friendly. Happy to be picked up. Occasional berserker fits where she seeks out my hand, clamps on and bites deep, maybe once every three/four weeks, but I'm wise to her now so not getting bitten. She squabbles with the other girls when she's in this mood too. No obvious cause.
Nov 2007 - Seems to have grown out of biting.
6th Dec 2007 - The little grotbag bit me. Not very deep. That'll teach me to pay attention.
10th Dec 2007 - Tried to bite. In season.
15th Dec 2007 - Bitey again. 16th Dec 2007 - In season. ???
1st May 2008 - Rosie has been very good lately. I think a lot of her problem is that she is season far more than usual.
July 2008 - Completely stopped biting. No problem for ages.

About Rosie

and lives with her sister Megan and some other rats. She was originally named after Rosie from Rosie and Jim, but now reminds me somewhat of Rosie in Jam and Jerusalem, though that's probably a little unfair. She was a little horror for biting when she was younger, but thankfully has grown out of it and is a sweet and affectionate girl now. She's a bit of a tub, but as the other girls in the cage are normal sized I'm at a loss as to how to change that.


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