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Asbru Pringle


Gender: buck

Variety: cinnamon pearl rex

Known genetics: A/- m/m Pe/pe Re/re

Born: 5th August 2007

Died: 29th March 2009

Age: 19 Months

Origin: Asbru Rattery

Litter mates: Diggory

Health: 15th Jan 2009 - Scab on back. Staph infection?
12th March 2009 - Looking ill. Not eating, sat on my lap all through playtime.
13th March 2009 - Vet visit. Very floppy, no reaction to exam. Weight down from 617 to 560 grams. Jab of Baytril and Dex.
15th March 2009 - A little better yesterday, back on form today.
19th March 2009 - Looking poorly again.
20th March 2009 - Fine again. Don't know whether to go vetwards or not.
23rd March 2009 - Vet visit. Very variable, sometimes fine, other times floppy and unresponsive. Weight now down to 499 grams. Treating as heart problems to diagnose. Fortekor palt tabs 2.5mg - 1/16 of a tablet. Dimazon sol 5% 10ml inj 0.02ml/s (Frusemide). Return if no improvement by Thursday.
24th March 2009 - Not well but better. Eating better. Took Fortekor straight from spoon rather than a finger.
26th March 2009 - Still not well but better than he was, weight up to 525g. Got a Frusemide scrip to collect tomorrow.
28th March 2009 - Eye haemorrhage. Emergency vets in the morning.
29th March 2009 - RIP Pringle. SDA outbreak - might have saved him if I'd realised what was wrong.

Temperament: A little shy, nervous in new situations. Friendly and surprisingly naughty at times.

About Pringle

Pringles website

Pringle never used to like being touched or stroked, but he's getting more friendly as he gets older. It's still a sign that he's feeling ill if he actually wants to sit still and have some attention.

Pringle's cinnamon pearl colour is really striking and beautiful. I love the contrast between his dark eyes and his golden fur. He really is Pringle coloured, complete with the wave in his fur.


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Pringle's Family Tree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Grt Grt Grandparents
Sire: Asbru Horus
Cinnamon Rex
Sire: Asbru Osiris
Agouti Rex
Sire: Fauna Aegir
Mink Rex
Sire: Integrity Wasabi
Silver Black
Dam: Fauna Dahlia
Ruby Eyed Pearl Roan Rex
Dam: Asbru Rian
Sire: Fauna Vidar
Silvered Mink
Dam: Rowangate Sunna
Agouti Striped Roan
Dam: Asbru Ohio
Sire: Halcyon Briarwood
Sire: Halcyon Redwood
Dam: Wheatacre Tsunami
Dam: Halcyon Inara
Sire: Halcyon Redwood
Dam: Halcyon Eden
Dam: Aphrodite Corona
Cinnamon Pearl
Sire: Aphrodite Mistletoe
Sire: Aphrodite Juniper
Sire: Wheatacre Spruce
Dam: Serendipity Calendula
Cinnamon Pearl
Dam: Aphrodite Lily
Sire: Wheatacre Spruce
Dam: Serendipity Calendula
Cinnamon Pearl
Dam: Halcyon Comfrey
Sire: Halcyon Speckled Wood
Sire: Halcyon Purple Emperor
Dam: Halcyon Small Copper
Dam: Alpha Centauri Dacey
Sire: Alpha Centauri Quinn
Blue Agouti
Dam: Halcyon Bridie

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