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Valhalla Megan


Gender: doe

Variety: black capped mismark

Born: May 2007

Died: 2nd January 2010

Origin: Valhalla Rats

Litter Mates: Rosie

Health: 3rd November 2008 - Neck abscess.
4th November 2008 - Abscess has burst. Injection Convenia 0.05ml
6th November 2008 - She's removed it completely, the little darling.
5th January 2009 - Neck abscess. Bathing plus Baytril.
19th April 2009 - Wheezing. SDA outbreak.
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites. Clavaseptin for wheezing.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin. Chest sounds better.
25th May 2009 - facial abscess.
1st June 2009 - abscess drained and healing.
31st July 2009 - yet another neck abscess.
23rd October 2009 - back feet knuckling under, very ploddy.
5th November 2009 - Back legs getting very weak.
7th November 2009 - Losing weight fast.
27th December 2009 - Dragging back legs. Weight loss has slowed. Ivermectin as her cagemates have mites.
2nd January 2010 - Passed away peacefully in her favourite hammock warmed by her two cagemates.

Temperament: Busy busy busy. Sweet and happy to be picked up. Likes a slave to hold her food for her. Escapologist.

About Meg

Meg's a total sweetheart, and loves lots of attention. She helps me clean out the cage every week by inspecting everything as I do it. She's a climb up your leg to sit on your head type of rat. She's quite a small girl, much smaller than her sister, Rosie - probably because she's always on the go. As she's aging she's getting very small and frail, but she keeps on keeping on.

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