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Asbru Kitty (Asbru Suck My Kiss)


Gender: doe

Variety: Russian Blue Essex

Known genetics: a/a Hro/H Mo/- rb/rb

Born: 10th December 2007


Origin: Asbru Stud

Dam: Glitter

Health: No problems.

Temperament: Sweetheart.

Litter: x Diggory

Children: Sherbourne, Avon, Cole, Blythe, Arrow, Swift, Kindred Spirit, Poetic Justice, Smartie, Waffle, Arwen, Galadriel.

Grandchildren: Torni, Simo, Meri, Aura, Kiti, Jahni, Kala, Kirk, Spock, Lister, Scratty, Luigi, Nancy Peanut, Aisla Robertha, Thames, Brent, Ravensbourne, Tyburn, Moselle, Wandle and Effra.

About Kitty

Kitty and her mum, Glitter, came to live at Ratty Corner temporarily so that Kitty could be mated with Diggory.

They were both lovely, licky girls with whom I fell completely in love. Total sweeties.

27th September 2009 - Kitty's brother has fathered a litter containing American minks. If Kitty is carrying American mink too it could make life interesting down the line, as I've added in British mink and they look very similar. Oops.


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Ratty Corner is the home of Brandywine Stud, NFRS Registration 2011-04

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