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Hoover (Billy)


Gender: Buck

Variety: Agouti

Date of birth: Early 2007

Origin: Pet shop then rehome

Litter Mates: Possibly Dyson

Health: 2nd March 2008 - Initial impression is that he's very overweight. No chest sounds. No injuries. Put on a diet.
4th March 2008 - neutered.

Temperament: 2nd March 2008 - Told that he won't live with other rats. Once lived with Dyson but separated due to fighting. Cuddly and licky with me.
16th March 2008 - reintroduced to Dyson.

About Hoover

Hoover came to live here on 2nd March 2008 when a friend who originally bought him became very ill and died. I thought at first that he was a rescue and named him Hoover, then later found out that his name was Billy and he came from a petshop.

When Hoover and his brother arrived they had each been living alone for several months due to fighting, but after being castrated they were successfully re-introduced and now live happily together.

On March 22nd Hoover and his brother went to live with a new mum, where I hope they will be very happy. Good luck, Hoover. I'll miss you. xxx


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