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Halcyon Hodge


Gender: buck

Variety: agouti rex

Known genetics: A/a M/- Re/re

Born: 14th August 2007

Died: 30th July 2009

Origin: Halcyon Stud

Litter Mates: Chumble

Health: 13th February 2008 - small lump on upper side of right back foot. Hodge squeaking frequently when landing and when tussling with his cagemates. Vet could not draw any pus, but is assuming it's an abscess and recommended treating with Baytril and warm water bathing.
7th March 2008 - The foot lump began to grow again, so we decided to have it surgically removed while there is enough skin to cover the hole.
10th March 2008 - The lump was a growth rather than an abscess. Hodge's foot is swollen because the skin is stretched so tight around the ankle, but should go down over the next few days. Further jab of Amoxyllin.
14th June 2008 - Lump seems to be re-growing. Another vet visit in order.
17th June 2008 - No lump visible. Imagining it?
18th June 2008 - Still squeaking for no obvious reason, also on landing when jumping.
25th June 2008 - Fine. Gave calpol for a couple of days and whatever it was went away.
7th Nov 2008 - Regretfully neutered for becoming a hormonal pain in the bum.
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
15th June 2009 - Wheezy. Course of Baytril. 22nd June - Still wheezy - 10ml Convenia injection, another 10 days of Baytril at 0.25ml per day.
12th July - Very wheezy again. Fairly sudden. Gave my Ventolin inhaler and some Sudafed, but not much improvement.
13th July - Vet visit. Injection of Convenia, 10 days of Baytril, 4 days of Furosemide. Panicked at vets and needed Oxygen and more of my inhaler before he could come home.
15th July - Not much better. Now on steroids - Dexadreson.
16th July - Much better!
20th July - 2nd Convenia injection. Keep on Baytril and Dex for forseeable future.
28th July - Not eating anything at all. Seems to be giving up.
30th July - Died this morning.

Temperament: Confident, cuddly and squeaky.
8th Sept 2008 - Bit me! Complete surprise. He's been sparring with Diggory recently over top spot - maybe I smelt of Diggs? Had the grace to look guilty when I told him off.
26th Oct 2008 - Bit me. Didn't want to be picked up.
28th Oct 2008 - Bit my son. Chased him out of the room, lol. Didn't want to be stroked.
21st Nov 2008 - Calming down. Back to his lovely usual self.

About Hodge

Hodge is a cute and cuddly little boy, but has apprenticed himself as Bramble's sidekick and is learning to be naughty. He likes sniffing up people's noses, and tried to dig his way into my ear. It hurt. He's also developed a wonderful trick whereby he staples his teeth to your clothes as you pass the cage. He then squeaks as if he's being murdered if you try to pull your clothes away. Funny the first few times, then it starts to become a bit of a nuisance.

I have to admit that Hodge is a favourite. He's cute, relaxed and licky. His rexy coat is soft and even. He's cheeky and bold and proving very hard to photograph. I just love him to bits!

Hodge is having a bit of a one year rampage. We've got used to the cuddly, tolerant side of him, and he's now showing his grumpy side. He's chasing his cagemates around and giving us the occasional bite. He's not gone really OTT at the moment, so hopefully he'll grow out of it! I can't see any obvious injuries to cause it.

Roll on Hodge (Friday 10th October 2008)

Got to share this. Hodge was on the table this evening and discovered a roll of parcel tape. (I'd been sealing the hole which had mysteriously appeared in the new bag of Alpha Herbal.) Hodge managed to flip the roll upright, and walked through the hole. As he is a little pear-shaped, the roll wedged around his middle, leaving him doing a strange splay-footed waddle around the table.

After a short time he managed to walk out of it, but then turned round and came back the same way, through the roll. This time he began to get annoyed, doing a little fooffy dance and eventually succeeding in wiping the roll off.

I'm afraid I was no help at all, in fact I was completely helpless by this point.


MRC April Show, 12th April 2008 - Unplaced - Adult Owned Pet Buck.
Sleeve rat! Happy to cuddle, nails OK. Exploring the judges and surrounding areas. Liked scritches. Nice condition.


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Hodge's Family Tree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Grt Grt Grandparents
Sire: Halcyon Birnham
Sire: Halcyon Briarwood
Sire: Halcyon Redwood
Sire: Halcyon Willoughby
Dam: Wheatacre Maple
Dam: Wheatacre Tsunami
Sire: Wheatacre Robert
Dam: Wheatacre doe
Dam: Halcyon Dunkeld
Sire: Halcyon Crash
Sire: Halcyon Willoughby
Dam: Halcyon Dart
Dam: Halcyon Orchy
Sire: Halcyon Willoughby
Dam: Halcyon Tweed
Dam: Sanders Cry Freedom
Black Berkshire Rex
15/2/07 - 31/3/08
Sire: Sanders Hot Tuna
Sire: Sanders Hot Chocolate
Silver Chocolate
Sire: Jazz Quaker
Buff Rex
Dam: De'Shea
Silver Chocolate
Dam: Brocks Andersson
Silver Black
Sire: Sanders Ferris
Agouti Berkshire Rex
Dam: Brocks Non Stop
Dam: Sanders Battlecry
Black Hooded Rex
Sire: Sanders Batman
Silver Black Hooded
Sire: Sanders Firestone
Agouti Hooded
Dam: Sanders Baladine
Agouti Hooded Rex
Dam: Sandurs Elduris
Cinnamon Hooded Rex
Sire: Sanders Hot Fudge
Cinnamon Hooded Rex
Dam: Sanders Absolut Curant
Silver Black Berkshire

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